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You'll have the option to play in third-person or first-person in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Press the D-pad to switch perspectives. Playing in third-person will give you a greater view of the maps. You'll be able to see around corners and won't have as much of a 'blind spot.' EA's Frank Gibeau suggests that DICE is 'well into development' on 'Star Wars: Battlefront' - promising that the game will also include a 'third-person component.'

This page contains tips, hints, and strategies for success in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Here's a quick rundown of basic game mechanics and concepts.

  • There are 6 modes available for play in Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer:
    • Arcade: This mode is single-player or co-op, and focuses on eliminating waves of NPC enemies.
    • Galactic Assault: Two huge teams of twenty players battle are faced with various objectives to either advance or defend their army's position. One team will be an attacking team and the other a defending team. The attacking team wins if they complete all of the objectives and the defending team wins if they can reduce the other team's respawn count to 0.
    • Starfighter Assault: A 24-player space battle. The attacking team needs to complete a series of objectives such as destroying a command ship or destroying bombers while the defending team must prevent these objectives from being completed.
    • Strike Mission: A 16-player game, one side will need to complete the objective of capturing an item and bringing it back to a specific area. The other team must prevent this from happening and retrieve the item if stolen.
    • Heroes Vs. Villains: An 8-player mode, players will be able to play as the most iconic figures in the Star Wars universe. Fight it out to be the last team standing.
    • Blast: A 20-player game, Blast will force you into a close quarter combat deathmatch.
  • Instead of setting a classic Loadout with various gear, players choose a class with preset weapons and abilities.
  • Each soldier in Battlefront 2 only has one primary weapon, unless one of their Abilities is a secondary firearm.
  • Playing in games earn you crates that can unlock credits, boosts, and Star Cards. Star Cards can be added to your character classes starships to enhance their combat effectiveness or unlock new abilities.
  • You can also unlock Crafting Parts from Crates, which let you craft Star Cards to customize your classes and Heroes.

Learn the Multiplayer Modes[edit]

Each multiplayer mode has a set objective you must complete in order to win the game. Running around and killing everything you see is cool and all but it won't result in a victory if the other team focuses on the objective. Some modes have you protecting a carrier or destroying said carrier and some modes you must steal and extract secret plans. Keep an eye out on your objective and work together with your teammates to complete that objective.

Shoot from the Hip[edit]

Players can choose between playing in First Person or Third Person while being an infantry unit. While this choice is all preference, firing from the hip in both POV's is extremely effective for close quarter situations. Star Wars Battlefront II's hip-firing is a bit more forgiving than other shooters so use this over aiming down sights when up close and personal.

Reloading, Cooling Down, & Overheating[edit]

In Star Wars Battlefront II, there is no ammo that needs to be picked up for your weapon. Instead, there is a cooling down and overheating system in place. Your weapon essentially has unlimited ammo but can overheat when fired too long. The period of time before your weapon overheats is marked by a white bar that shows up whenever you fire your weapon. You can 'reload' to wipe this bar whenever you would like. However, if you fire your weapon until the bar is full, your weapon will go into an overheat mode.

A bar will show up with three colors: Blue, Red, and Green. You can either wait until the bar fully disappears, or you can press the reload button on the Blue or Yellow bar. Successfully timing and hitting reload on the Blue bar will automatically cool-down your weapon. Hitting it on the Yellow bar will cool-down your weapon and give you a short period of time where your weapon can not overheat. Failing to hit Blue or Yellow and hitting Red will further overheat your weapon and keep you out of the fight longer.

Whether you are engaging in dog-fights in the air or reinforcing a position as a ground soldier, you must choose a specific class before entering the fight.

Choosing the right class for the right situation is extremely important in Battlefront II. Having a well-balanced team in terms of classes can allow each class to flourish at its respective role.

  • Make sure to learn beforehand what each class does and their unique abilities.
  • Having a healthy balance of each class is vital in trying to achieve victory. Try to see what your allies are and play off of them. For example, a team of all Heavy classes on a long-lane map will not have as much success as a mix of Specialists and Heavy classes.

Surviving on the Ground[edit]

Star Wars Battlefront II lets you become and fight as many different infantry units. Here are some tips for each infantry class.


The Assault class has a unique ability where it marks enemies, sprints faster, and draws a powerful shotgun weapon with no cooldown.

  • Use the Vanguard ability to close distances quickly or to execute flanking maneuvers.
  • Multiple Assault classes using Vanguard simultaneously can easily destroy an entire team close quarters.


The Heavy class has a unique ability where they can summon a portable turret to deal massive damage to opponents.

  • Using this turret on multiple enemies is an obvious tip, but using it in tandem with your Combat Shield can turn you into a living tank.
  • The Combat Shield can be used whenever, so remember to use it when outnumbered to stay in the battle longer.


The Officer class can put down a stationary turret for cover-fire.

  • Maximize your turret's efficiency by putting it down in a choke or putting it near objectives like the ion cannons on Naboo.
  • Officers can also repair and detonate their cannons. Try putting the cannon behind corners and detonating them when enemies get too close!
  • The Officer really shines with their Fortitude ability. Make sure you use this ability when you are next to at least two allies. Try timing this ability when your Assault or Heavy classes activate their unique abilities.


The Specialist is best at long-range, but can also use its abilities to sneak behind the enemy's front lines.

  • Your main gun can fire semi-automatically, meaning while it's best at long range, it can be useful at medium range in a pinch.
  • If enemies get too close, activate your Infiltration ability to whip out a high damage burst rifle.
  • Infiltration also makes you temporarily invisible to enemy radar, meaning it's a great tool for escaping a fight if you need some breathing room.

Surviving in Starfighter Assault

Star Wars Battlefront 2 2005 3rd Person Pc

It's easy to get lost in Battlefront's hectic ship battles. Follow these tips to be more efficient and survive longer in Starfighter Assault.


The Fighter class is a perfect blend between speed and damage output.

  • Use the Fighter class for most engagements besides taking down high-health targets like carriers and generators.
  • Fighter ships can unleash a volley of laser blasts as well. For maximum damage with this volley, try to get right behind an enemy, or use it on stationary targets.


The Interceptor class is extremely quick but not well-armored.

  • Use the Interceptor class to pick off other players quickly.
  • The Interceptor's unique ability allows you to achieve an unbreakable lock on a target, then deal bonus damage to it. Make sure to always use this ability when the cool-down is up as you can mow through enemy players one by one.


The Bomber is the slowest Starfighter in the game, but offers the most firepower.

  • Use the Bomber class when targeting space vessels and other high-health targets.
  • Make sure, if you're playing as a Bomber, you've got Fighters and Interceptors nearby to watch your back.

Evading Missiles

All ships come with tracking missiles. There is a warning on your HUD when a missile begins to track you. Instead of trying to speed boost away to evade it, try making sharp turns and flying into a cluttered area to lose the missile. Staying out of wide-open areas in general is the best way to find cover quickly when under attack.

Gunning Down Opponents[edit]

Enemy ships will be marked red on your HUD. When in close enough range with an enemy, a circle will appear on or near the enemy ship. This circle is where you should aim if you want to destroy the enemy ship.

Players can accrue Battlepoints and Credits in Battlefront II to change how they play. Battlepoints are points earned in-game and Credits are currency that you earn after playing games.


Battlepoints can be earned in-game by damaging or killing an enemy. You can also earn Battlepoints by going on streaks and assisting your allies. Use these Battlepoints to summon iconic Heroes other strong reinforcement characters. How you choose to use your Battlepoints is up to you: use it early on to gain an advantage on the battlefield or save them up to use on a Hero late in the game. If time is running out and you are quite a few Battlepoints away from Yoda, splurge those points on something like an Aerial Trooper to provide an immediate boost for your team. Either way, sticking with your teammates and working together to defeat your enemies is the fastest way to rack up those Battlepoints.

Player Vs. AI

You'll be fighting against AI-controlled ships and units while also fighting real players. You can usually pick out which enemies are actual players by the way they move around compared to AI's. AI-controlled units will generally be slower and less erratic than players so try to be conscious of this before choosing which enemy to fight first. Picking off AI-controlled units will let you build up Battlepoints quickly so you can eventually become a Hero. Focusing on an actual player over an AI is a smart tactical decision as the actual player imposes a more immediate threat than an AI.

Play the Objective

You earn Battlepoints if you help make progress toward completing an objective in-game. Player can earn a ton of Battlepoints without even killing an enemy.


Credits are essential if you want to unlock and play as all the Heroes in Star Wars Battlefront II. Here are some tips to earn Credits quickly:

  • Open Crates: Players receive a Daily Login Crate for simply logging in each day. This crate can give you essential items but will always give you Credits. Make sure to nab this crate everyday!
  • Complete the Campaign: Star Wars Battlefront II's Campaign gives you the opportunity to earn tons of credits while playing through it and also rewards players 5,000 credits once completed.
  • Compete in Multiplayer: Players will earn credits post-game in multiplayer matches. Players can earn more credits for playing well in-game and completing the objectives in-game.
  • Complete Milestones: Milestones are challenges and goals that you can complete in Battlefront II. Completing these challenges will allow you to redeem rewards in the Milestones section of the Main Menu.

Heroes for Credits

To spend your Battlepoints on Heroes in-game you must first unlock them with Credits. Here is a list of the Heroes that must be unlocked so you can save up your Credits wisely:

  • Chewbacca (10,000 Credits)
  • Darth Vader (15,000 Credits)
  • Emperor Palpatine (10,000 Credits)
  • Iden Versio (5,000 Credits)
  • Leia Organa (10,000 Credits)
  • Luke Skywalker (15,000 Credits)
  • Rey & Chewbacca Millennium Falcon (5,000 Credits)

Leveling up in Star Wars Battlefront II can be tricky and isn't as simple as just ranking up a level. Here are some tips and explanations on how the Battlefront II progression system works.

Base-Leveling Up

Increasing your base level is simply done by playing the multiplayer. Your in-game score is added up and you are awarded XP and credits once the game is complete. However, your base level does not determine unlockables for different classes. Once you reach a certain base level, it stops being meaningful and rather as just a means of grinding for credits.

Star Cards[edit]


Star Cards are essentially buffs and boosts to abilities for your classes. They are obtained by opening Crates or crafted with Crafting Parts which can be obtained through Crates.

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There are two different kinds of Star Cards: a Boost Card and a Ability Card. Boost Cards buff passive abilities and traits such as health and energy regeneration. Ability Cards provide buffs to specific Hero and Class abilities such as increasing the blast radius of a Thermite Grenade.

PersonBattlefront 2 3rd Person

Each class will start out with one Star Card slot. Star Cards have 4 different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. You can use Crafting Parts to upgrade Star Cards to the next rarity or craft new Star Cards. To craft higher rarity cards, you must reach a higher base rank. Reaching Level 10 will allow you to craft and upgrade a Common Star Card to an Uncommon power level. Teaching Level 15 will allow you to upgrade cards to Rare power levels and Level 20 will allow for the final tier, Epic.

Card-Leveling Up

Every different class, trooper and vehicle, in Battlefront II has a Card Level.

The Card Level is determined by the number and rarity of Star Cards you have unlocked for each class. The more powerful Star Cards you have for a certain class, the higher Card Level that class will be. Card Levels are extremely important because they allow you to equip more Star Cards. You can equip up to two Star Cards at Card Level 5 and three Star Cards at Card Level 10. Star Cards do not have to be equipped to level up your Card Level, they just need to be unlocked and collected.

To unlock a weapon in Star Wars Battlefront II, you must complete a milestone. Each weapon is tied to a specific number of kills before being able to be unlocked. Each class starts with one unlocked weapon but unlocking the other three weapons require 50-500 kills with that specific class.

Each weapon also has modifications you can unlock to increase the weapon's overall effectiveness. These are tied to milestones. You can read each necessary milestone under the modifications for each weapon.


First-person, third-person, or a little bit of both? What is the best way to play Star Wars Battlefront?

Very few games give you the choice between first and third-person perspectives, and even fewer multiplayer games do. Star Wars Battlefront is rarity in that regard. But the question remains: which is the way to go?

Westie goes over the advantages and disadvantages of both. Although you need only press a button to switch between them, getting accustomed to alternating perspectives is a challenge.

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