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ME1Controller is a mod for Mass Effect, created by Dybuk.



Page 31 of 112 - ME1Controller - posted in File topics: In response to post #36561315. Spoiler QuackShep81 wrote: While I love the mod. I am noticing some glictches as I have progessed. My equipment selection now shows pistol icons and when I use the power wheel it only brings up my Specials. Not my weapon wheel. I know what I am seeing my controls are correct, but for some reason I am see. Mgamerz has brought support for Xinput controllers to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer with the MP Controller Support mods! It has been tested to work with Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, and reports of PS3 controllers using certain programs to map PS3 to Xbox input schemes.

This MOD adds full XBOX 360 controller support for playing Mass Effect 1.

The Mass Effect game shipped with all the original XBOX controller interfaces but in a very broken state with some functionality removed. This mod corrects these issues and re-implements features where necessary. The MOD switches over to use all the xbox user interfaces, with the exception of mini games/loadsave and settings. These exceptions have been adjusted to work with the controller.

Installing this MOD will break some elements of the keyboard and mouse support. The console will work fine. If you want to play with keyboard and mouse, uninstall this mod.

ME3Explorer forum link.


IMPORTANT: There are TWO INSTALLATION DIRECTORIES. One inside your user profile, one inside the game directory.

Install order: ME1 -> DLC (Optional) -> ME1Controller -> MEUITM or other textures (Optional)

1. Run the game at least once to create the games profile settings. Left 4 dead 2 tank gameplay.

2. Extract the files from the archive using winrar or 7-zip.

3. Copy the contents of Config (Backup originals first) to :

C:Users<Username>DocumentsBioWareMass EffectConfig

IMPORTANT: Do NOT copy these config files into the game folder, they need to go into the user profile. If you see 'Default<name>.ini' you are copying it to the wrong place.

IMPORTANT: these files are marked as 'read only' to prevent the game modifying them on startup. If you want to modify them you

must change them back to 'read only' before launching the game.

4. Copy the contents of 'Mass Effect' directory to your install directory overriding the originals (Back them up first). These files should override the original files.

Example directories :

Steam: C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon


Origin: C:Program Files (x86)Origin Games

5. Use MassEffectConfig.exe to set resolution and aspect ratio to 16:9

Common Problems

- No power wheel appears; I can't put points into stats; Low sensitivity when aiming; Journal entries don't work

You have copied the config correctly but you have not overridden the game binaries.

- Can't loot containers.

You have ignored the instructions and you have copied the config into the game folder (The one with all the default<name>.ini files). These need to be copied to the user profile.

- No controller prompts at all

You have not copied the config correctly. Or the config files are not being copied as 'readonly' right click on them and check that they are marked as readonly.

- Controller doesn't work, can't get past 'Press Start'.

This MOD will only work against the primary Xinput controller. Check you don't have other XInput wrappers or controllers attached.

- Can't disable controller vibrations

The disable option doesn't work through the menu. The binaries from here should help disable vibrations.

- Parts of the HUD are cut off.

This MOD does not support 4:3 resolution. Use the MassEffectConfig.exe to change to 16:9.

- Inverted controls, Sensitivity, dead zone. For some reason some users complain of inverted controls and not being able to change sensitivity using the method below.

Open config/BIOInput.ini

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Look for:

Bindings=( Name='XboxTypeS_LeftX', Command='Repeat StrafeLeftRight 1.0 0.2 Repeat TacSel_TalentMode Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_LSTICK_X 1.0 0.2 Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_MOUSE_X 0.35 0.2')

Bindings=( Name='XboxTypeS_LeftY', Command='Repeat MoveForwardBack 1.0 0.2 Repeat TacSel_TalentMode Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_LSTICK_Y -1.0 0.2 Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_MOUSE_Y 0.35 0.2')

Bindings=( Name='XboxTypeS_RightX', Command='Repeat CameraTurnLeftRight 1.0 0.2 Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_RSTICK_X 1.0 0.2')

Bindings=( Name='XboxTypeS_RightY', Command='Repeat CameraLookUpDown 1.0 0.2 Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_RSTICK_Y 1.0 0.2')

Left is for Left stick, Right for Right stick. X for X Axis, Y for Y Axis.

Taking the first one as an example:

StrafeLeftRight 1.0 0.2

The first number is the sensitivity. Changing it below 1.0 will reduce sensitivity. Adding a - will invert the axis (e.g. -1.0).

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The second number is the dead zone. Increasing this number will increase the controller deadzone.

REMEMBER to set the bioinput.ini file back to 'read only' before you launch the game.

Mass Effect 1 Controller Support Mod 11

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