Feedback From Laptop Speakers

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I have an old Toshiba Laptop (Satellite 1900-03) running Windows XP. I recently bought a little microphone to plug into the mic port but discovered that the sound is being fed live through the speakers causing feedback.

  1. Feedback From Computer Speakers

I have my computer connected to a harmon kardon reciever using the cd input. I can only get good volume when I push my computer volume to the max and push the volume on the receiver. When I look to get more significant volume, the speakers start with this feedback. On my computer there are two devices showing: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio, from now on referred to as RHDA) and Realtek Digital Output. Open up Speakers Properties, and another window should appear, called Properties for speakers.

Feedback From Computer Speakers

My question is how do I stop the 'live' microphone sound being piped instantly through the speakers without normal sound still being played?

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I assume you mean that the microphone sound is being played back through the speakers constantly.

Try the following:

Go to the Control Panel, and click on Sounds and Audio Devices.
Under Device volume, click on Advanced.
Under Microphone, check the Mute button.

If the 'Microphone' section is missing, go to Options -> Properties, and under the Playback section, enable it.


Read 'How to Eliminate Feedback'.
The best suggestion seems to distance your mic from the speakers ...

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If you have Windows XP:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Select Sounds and Audio Devices ⇨ Audio Tab
  3. Go to Volume on Sound Recording
  4. Select Advance under Microphone and check the Do not monitor check-box.

This way, you should be able to keep using the microphone without feedback from any speakers.

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Stop speaker feedback

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Feedback from computer speakers

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