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Xbox 360 Jialbreak:JTAG/RGH,install Xbox 360 jailbreak on Xbox 360 Fat/Slim all models which support jailbreak check your Xbox modelcompatibility.By jailbreaking your Xbox 360 you will get full administrator and developer rights over your console original firmware.Now! may be you are wondering about how to jailbreak Xbox 360?

InsaneNutter Resident Nutter Staff Member. Ensure you hacked nand was built with FbBuild 0.1 or 0.11 To install copy to your Xbox 360, then run the application with XEX Menu or FreeStyle Dash and follow the on screen instructions. Download Dash Launch 2.09 Beta for FreeBoot 12611 built with fbBuild 0.1 / 0.11. How to disable touchpad on dell laptop.

There are two methods to Jailbreak Xbox 360:

  • Modifying Xbox 360 motherboard.

  1. Xbox 360 JTAG (Motherboard modify)
  2. Xbox 360 RGH (Motherboard modify)
  • Jailbreak Xbox 360 by USB.

  1. Xbox 360 JTAG-Jailbreak(installing hacked Operating system/Custom Operating system)

In this article we are giving tutorial and tools for the second method because its easy and stable,You can jailbreak your xbox 360 by installing modded System Software from USB at home even though you don’t have any expertise,we will provide you the free ultimate guide to install Custom system software safely to enjoy jailbroken Xbox 360 experience.

By jailbreaking your Xbox 360 you can backup games directly to your HDD/USB and play games directly from HDD/USB by installing them from blu-ray or USB,you can install game mods and play them on a jailbroken Xbox 360.

Support all Xbox 360 Models (Check compatibility list) ,easy and free to use,Xbox 360 can be jailbroken by two methods RGH and JTAG before installing the Xbox 360 J-tag jailbreak lets dive into it.

Jtag is a hack which is used to fully unlock your Xbox capabilities.Basically Xbox 360 Jtag is a software hack based upon an exploitable SMC,it allows Wall hacks,Aimbots and many other awesome features.e.g. blue avatar skin is a common indication of Jtag.


In this article we will be providing you free tools to implement Xbox 360 Jtag Jailbreak based on Operating system. Jtag Jailbreak have great advantages over original operating system such as Developer and administrative rights, Play Pirated games,Play online,Xbox Gold compatibility,Faster load time unleashing full potential.

Xbox 360 Jtag Jailbreak is hack which is implemented in the operating system and act like the original operating system so there is no chance of getting ban by Microsoft.This hack is safe for users and give more advantages then a physical mother board jailbreak Xbox.

Jtag Jailbreak is easy to implement as anyone can install it by following our instructions,If users are not satisfied with this hacked system software then they can return to the original firmware within minutes.This hack is 100% user friendly.

RGH-Reset Glitch Hack, Xbox 360 RGH is an time based attack on the CPU which glitches the chip and allow a moment for exploit to take allows you to format your Xbox and run the code that Xbox wasn’t designed for.

Overall,RGH is a more convenient method for ‘Xbox 360 Jailbreak’,But Jtag boot faster then Rgh,Rgh can take upto 5 minute for one boot where Jtag boots up in 2sec.

In this tutorial we have selected the Xbox 360 Jtag Jailbreak which is a easy to use and implement with the help of a USB stick,Computer and a working internet connection.RGH is a kind of motherboard modification which require a expert with premium tools.

Xbox Compatible model.

Xbox 360Core.

Xbox 360Arcade.

Xbox 360 Elite.

Xbox 360 Slim

Note:Complete guide with tools available to download but read full article before applying any method.

Xbox 360 Jailbreak Benefits:

  1. Free to play Xbox 360 JTAG Games.
  2. Early access to some games,ISO modes.
  3. Backup Games in HDD.
  4. Use Xbox 360 Stealth patching to avoid getting banned.
  5. Simple to install and easy to use.
  6. Always reverse-able.

Xbox 360 JTAG Games:


Xbox 360 Games are fully compatible with the Jailbreak firmware and every game that has been released for Xbox 360 is playable on a Jtagged Xbox 360 as well as available for download in ISO format.Xbox 360 Jtag Games work same as on original Microsoft Xbox firmware and unlike older RGH you don’t face any trouble while playing online.Xbox 360 Jailbreak JTAG provide smooth gaming experience in online as well as in offline play.

Xbox 360 Stealth Patching:

How do i add applications to my volume mixer. After installing a Jailbreak in Xbox 360 chances are significantly increased of getting banned by Microsoft but you can avoid getting banned by Microsoft by using a Disc burning method called Xbox 360 Stealth Patching.Xbox 360 stealth patching allow you to burn ISO files into disc drive but its main benefit is to keep ISO files updated so you can avoid getting into Microsoft’s notice.

Xbox 360 stealth patching require a disc drive compatible with the Burnermax payload tool or a disc drive compatible with Burnermax firmeware lite-on.For most old games you just need a dual layer disc burner with dual layer discs.

Xbox J-tag Jailbreak is reverse able at any moment you want and installing original operating system from Microsoft for xbox is as is as pie.Stepping back to old firmware is a simple method same as installing a hack one but with original firmware from original Xbox Support site.If the jailbreak experience is not good as you were expecting then you can reverse to the original operating system within 10-15 minutes.

Xbox 360 Rgh Games

Follow Instructions to avoid any loss.


  1. A USB stick with 2GB of free space(must be formated as FAT32)
  2. Compatible Xbox 360 console.

Procedure to follow:

Rgh Xbox 360 Shop

Before you start the actual procedure let me clear you one simple thing,installing a hacked system software will change the user experience based on which model you are installing it.If any error occur during installation return to original Operating system and feel free to contact us.

Rgh Xbox 360 Ebay

Make sure to follow all these steps carefully so there is no chance left for loss.

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  • Take a USB drive at least 2GB free space.
  • Plug USB drive into your computer.
  • Change its format to FAT32.
  • Create a folder in the root of the USB stick called Xbox360.
  • Create a folder inside the “Xbox360” folder called UPDATE.


First of all check your Xbox 360 age at the back of you’r Xbox and note your serial no and product id.Now Download Xbox 360 Jailbreak downaload the Jailbreak file.Unzip it and open Xbox360_SEN.txt and enter your Xbox 360 serial no and product id and save it.
Now follow the simple steps.

  • Now drag all three files into this folder.
  • Plug USB into your Xbox 360 now.
  • Go to settings tab.
  • Choose system update.
  • Choose update via storage.
  • Now install the update(accept conditions).
  • After a minute your Xbox will beep for 4 time and then shut down.
  • Power up your Xbox 360(from console).
  • Enjoy your “JailbrokenXbox 360″.
Rocketbowl Xbox 360 Rgh

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