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Prophesy of Pendor is a mod for both Mount&Blade and Mount&Blade: Warband.

  1. Prophecy Of Pendor

Prophesy Of Pendor is a very difficult mod, set in an original universe, and consisting in uniting the whole map by eliminating all factions (rival kingdoms and wandering bandits parties), except the Noldor elves, who need to be befriended. Prophesy of Pendor v3.9 After a year and more in development, 3.9 is now available. Full conversion mod in the fantasy setting of Pendor. Join one of the numerous knighthood orders or create your own. Read all the stories and meet unique companions. Encounter the Noldor, discover their culture and magic.

There are five main factions: The Empire, D'Shar Principalities, Sarleon, Fierdsvain, Ravenstern or your own. There are also minor factions and knighthood orders. You can become a member of any of these orders and establish any of them including even your own fully customizable one in your town or castle. In this mod you can actually win, terms of your victory are listed in the in-game manual. This mod has a very detailed and interesting backstory which could be found in the manual in the game folder.

All of minor factions are non-joinable, but you still have relations with them. From time to time they spawn a great army that you need to eliminate to win the game. It does not affect the Noldor armies because you need to be a Noldor's friend if you want to win the game. These armies led by Noldor lords can become a very good help to you if you have positive relations with Noldors. More than that, the Noldors have a hidden castle which could be found only after completing the quest named 'Befriending Noldors'. It is possible to siege it but it's also almost impossible and as a result the castle will just disappear leaving some Noldor loot for you.


The Noldor was originally a group of Elves inspired by J.R.R Tolkien and shown a minor appearance at Peter Jackson's movie, the Fellowship of the Ring. Their appearance in Prophesy of Pendor can actually be explained and found on the forums by the mod creator Saxondragon.

Noldor Twillight knight
Noldor Spearmen

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Prophesy Of Pendor Trade Guide

So after starting back up Mount and Blade again a few weeks ago I decided to try out Prophesy of Pendor again. I played around with the Sarleons for a bit but got bored with that. So I decided to try out being a merchant. I found a few trading guides but I felt like they were a little out dated and could have more info in them. Here’s how I started out on a fresh save for a trader. (Info from POP wiki)

A male merchant ship captain (+3000 extra Denars, +2 INT and 4 CHA, +3 to both Trade and Inv Mang., and +2 pathfinding and a few others) who was put in the care of a successful merchant (+1500 extra Denars, +3 INT and 1 CHA), then later became a self-employed merchant ( +1200 extra Denars ,+1 INT and CHA, +2 to both Trade and Inv Mang.). Who came to Pendor after a series of unfortunate events (+2 to pathfinding and trading).

No more room in hell realism mode. With this setup you will have 9 Trade, 7 Inv Mang., and 5 pathfinding, which is all very helpful. You will be able to carry a lot of goods for cheap and with good party speed. Plus, you start with 6000 Denars, which is helpful for buying goods and starting a merry band of armed men to serve you. I recommend only mounted troops like rouge nobles or if you can get mounted troops (Barlcay Lancers, Omen Seekers, Knights, etc) from a ransom broker to speed up your party.

I start in Torbah. I use this town as the start of my trade route. I then got troops to protect me and have 4619 Denars left. Since I just started I need to wait about 2 game days for the stores to spawn in goods. In Torbah and surrounding villages buy food for your band, then Salt for 130ish to 200 denars, dates for 60 to 100 denars and wool for 90 to 120. After buying everything I had around 1000 Denars left.

Now the route begins, first stop is Valonbray and sell half your wool there for 170 to 130. After Valonbray head to Javiksholm and unload half the salt here with a price range of 330 to 270 denars, and a third the dates for 160 to 140. Then buy Flax Bundles for the price range of 60 to 100 denars at Javiksholm and its surrounding villages. Elkburg, the village north of Valonbury always have a lot of flax for cheap too so I recommend making a stop there.


After buying 23 flax bundles with about 1600 denars left, I usually go straight to Ravenstern to sell the rest of the salts and another third of the dates. Reason why is you make more money per item unloading them here then you would over in Avendor. Sells salts for 350 to 310 and dates for 160 to 140 Now we head over to Avendor. We will now sell half of our flax bundles here for the price of 260 to 200. This is where we buy tools for 450 to 500 and wool cloth for 315 to 335, I also buy Linen for 250 to 275 from the two villages near Avendor.

Next stop is Sarleon to buy ale for 175 to 190 and then Laria to buy oil for 490 to 500.

Prophecy Of Pendor

After Laria then go to Ethos to drop off tools for 550 to 520, wool cloth for 475 to 430, Linen for 315 to 280, ale for 200 to 220 and the rest of your dates for 165 to 140 since the tools and cloth are rather large sums of money you should go to Janos and drop the rest if Ethos runs out of money. It’s the same prices for both Janos and Ethos it seems.

I tried running valet from Janos to anywhere else but it’s not enough valet or profit to get anything worth the space of your inv. Also if you have any leftover flax bundles or wool by this point I would just keep them until you reach Avendor and Valonbray again to save some money in the long run.

After Ethos/Janos we head back to where it all start, Torbah. Sell Oil here for 550 to 520. In the end I had about 8650 Denars left over. This is my trading route I usually use. I enjoy it and it makes me plenty of money in the beginning before getting fiefs and enterprises. Hope this helps for everyone!

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