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Mar 27, 2019  Multi Timer is a beautifully designed time management app. Los violines romanticos de cuba discografia. Multiple timers can be set, independently started and run at the same time. Air vt marking on old spanish carbine kit. Air compressor noise suppressor. Stopwatch results can be stored. Use Multi Timer for cooking, sports, (dish)machine washing, study, work, gameplay - anything you like. Multiple timers at once: Store timers that you usually use for cooking, sports, study, work, game, anything you want. Download Multi Timer StopWatch 2.5.5 APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is LemonClip. Latest Android APK Vesion Multi Timer StopWatch Is Multi Timer StopWatch 2.5.5 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone. Download Multi Timer StopWatch.

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■ Overview
High-performance full is a free timer app.
Basic stopwatch, timer from,
Until the simultaneous operation timers and active in various situations.
I want to measure the time as a stop watch for running
I want to use as a kitchen timer
I want to use a social game date specified timer
I want to use the alarm function
Solve all in a multi-timer ♪
Please try those looking for a stopwatch / timer Come.
■ Features
・Conservation of electric power
・Social game correspondence (date specified timer)
・App color selection (all 14 colors)
■ Function
[Basic functions]
・Simple for count up timer
・Hundredths of a second
・Up to 999 hours
・Lap time and total time
・Lap time of copy and paste
This is the basic stopwatch mode.
At the same time, display the total time and lap time.
It is convenient for such time measurement of running!
Lap time is easily shared mail and LINE.
・Circle timer display
・Alarm sound switch
・Social game correspondence (date specified)
・Up to 999 hours or99 days
・Day Mode
This is the basic timer mode.
Notice the remaining time in the circle display.
Switching of the alarm sound is also one touch.
If you register at the date and time specified mode, also available in social games, etc.
Alarm sound and notification will occur in the time up.
Multi Stopwatch
・Simultaneous operation possible stopwatch
・Timer registration
・Hundredths of a second
・Up to 999 hours
It is possible to display a multiple of stopwatch at the same time.
Add or delete stopwatch also I easily done.
Also supports the start and stop of all stopwatch.
Time measurement of study or work I can also be addressed in this multi-timer one.
Multi Timer
・Simultaneous operation timers
・Timer registration
・Alarm sound switch
・Social game correspondence (date specified)
・Up to 999 hours or99 days
It is possible to display a multiple timers at the same time.
Add or delete timer, nor I you to easily time change.
It also supports start and stop all timers.
Or if you want to use at the same time as a kitchen timer,
Event management of social games can also be supported by a multi-timer one.
[Correspondence ] terminal
AndroidOS 4.0.3 or more corresponding
About Access Privileges ]
∟ I will vibrate the mobile phone when the alarm .
∟ I will use part for communication ( ads ) .
[ Feedback ]
It has made ​​the access analysis in order to improve and enhance the application .
In addition , we ask the cooperation of everyone for the feedback and bug .
Please send it to , '' If you have an opinion on issues and improvement .
[ Team ] EGG
Is a personal development group collaboration .
Showing trapper , Nyan due , such as Samurai 3 seconds the standby !
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March 5, 2019

Multi Timer Stopwatch V2.5.5 B205 Free

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