Left 4 Dead 2 Tank

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DeadPick up the Medkit and nearby weapons in the opening location.

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Left 4 Dead 2 Tank Skin

At the beginning of every level there are several Medkits, which are thick, rectangular red packs, and several weapons. Head over and pick them up. On the first level, they sit on a table right next to the door.Left for dead 2 hacksLeft

Left 4 Dead 2 Tank Kills

  • Pistol: Your automatic first weapon. Pistols are weak but accurate and, most importantly, have unlimited ammunition. If you find another one on the ground, you can pick it up to dual wield them, effectively giving you double power, shots, and firing rate.
  • Medkits: Medkits heal your character completely. You can also use them to heal teammates. You can only hold one at any time. You should always try and have 2-3 Medkits, at a minimum, in your party.
  • Melee Weapons: Katanas, baseball bats, chainsaws, crowbars, and other melee weapons attack in a wide swath in front of you, often killing Infected instantly. They are good options in the early difficulties, and, with the exception of chainsaws, can be used infinitely. They replace your pistol.