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Kingdom Come: Deliverance doesn't allow the player to save the game at anytime. It is a strong impediment that might cost you greatly if you aren't careful. Here you will find all information about how to save the game and when to do it.

If you want to save the game at a very specific time, it is possible only when you have Saviour Schnapps (shown in the above picture) in your equipment. Only then the option to save the game is highlighted in the pause menu. If you don't have it, then this option remains inactive. Saviour Schnapps is a rare item, especially early in the game. In addition to that, each bottle can be used only once and is lost after each use. This means that you should use it only during long quests, when you must perform some risky action (like infiltration of enemy camp). Schnapps can be received from NPCs in quests, bought from merchants or created once you develop alchemy skills.


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Important#1 - using Schnapps too frequently might cause Henry to become an alcoholic. Avoid it by waiting some time between each use of the drink.

Important#2 - the game doesn't ask you whether you want to use Saviour Schnapps on manually saving the game. You should always think before making this decision, as you won't have many bottles of this alcohol, especially early in the game.

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Other methods of saving the game require the player to perform specific actions or to reach the specific place. They are as follows: Ps2 eyetoy drivers windows 10.

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  1. Starting a new quest or reaching a milestone in the current one - the game automatically saves in such situations. Important - if after completing a quest new one doesn't start automatically, the new automatic save won't be created!
  2. Using protagonist's bed (bed icon on the world map) - the game will save the progress only if you go to rest and spend at least 1 hour on sleeping. At first, you have only one bed, but as you progress through the game new ones are unlocked.
  3. Using a bed in the inn - inns can be found in most villages and cities. The game will save only if you pay for a bed. The price depends on how many days you rent it. Renting a house for one night usually costs 2 pennies (you can negotiate the price).
  4. Using a bath - baths can be found in each large village and city. The game will save progress only if you pay for the service (the price depends on the service).
  5. Reaching a camp in the forest -the game will save automatically at such location.

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Dajjal kab kon aur kahan pdf part 1. Important#3 - there are only 3 slots in the game for manual saves. After creating a new one the oldest one is automatically overwritten. This limitation doesn't apply to automatic saves created during the quests.