How To Delete Linkedin Account

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Go through the simple steps in order to Close Your LinkedIn Account Permanently:

How To Delete Linkedin Account. June 23, 2018 admin L 0. Linkedin website was founded by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Jean-Luc Vaillant and it is one of the best social media website in all over the world. The company has generated the revenue of upto 2.99 billion dollars in 2015 alone and it has manpower of upto 9200.

Note: If you have a Premium account then first you have to cancel the Premium access and then follow the steps given below:-

• Login to the LinkedIn account by entering the details like Username and password.
• After that, bring your cursor to the “ME” Icon visible on the top right side of the LinkedIn Homepage and select dropdown list.
• After that, choose “Settings & Privacy” tab mentioned under the profile section.

For Premium Account
• Then go to the “Account” tab and then scroll down the page.

• You need to click “Subscription” link and then hit to the “Manage Premium Account”.
• Now, you will be redirected to the other page where you need to select the link of “cancel subscription”.


• You have to opt suitable reason for canceling the premium subscription and then select “Continue To Cancel” tab.

• After this, LinkedIn verifies your option by providing you with a “Confirm Cancellation” tab. After cancellation, you need to click on “Done” tab. You may also give the feedback to the LinkedIn By mentioning the given box.

How To Delete Linkedin Account

For Basic Account:
• You need to choose “Account management” link and then hit to the link “Closing your LinkedIn account”.

• This will navigate you to the first account deletion page where it asks the reason to delete LinkedIn Account. You can choose appropriate reason according to your wish for permanently delete a LinkedIn account.
• After that, Select “Next” tab to continue the confirm deletion the account. Later then, LinkedIn will enquire you “Do you want to close this account”. You need to confirm it by giving the password details.

• Again, LinkedIn will ask you one more time to confirm closing your account. At this point, you have to process the Permanently Delete Your LinkedIn Account. There is no way to return.

• Later than click “close Account” tab and your account will be logged out. Your LinkedIn public profile will be erased within 24 hours. You will be no longer accessible for your account.

• This is it for closing your LinkedIn account. You can also Remove LinkedIn Account straight from the “Close Account” page. After deleting your LinkedIn Account permanently you won’t approach your connections, suggestions, supports or any data you’ve added to your LinkedIn profile.
• If you have a premium membership, own a LinkedIn group, or have a premium account license, you’ll have to resolve those accounts before being able to close your Basic account.

Special Note:

We have given How To Remove LinkedIn Account details in an above section completely. After deleting your LinkedIn Account, you can reopen it within 20 days. But after reopening it, you can’t be able to access your Endorsements and recommendations, Group memberships or any other data stored in your profile.

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals or even university students who create job opportunities for their members. Since its creation in May 2003, it has managed to reach the not insignificant figure of 546 million users in more than 200 countries and territories, thus achieving a comparison with Facebook in terms of popularity, and establishing the LinkedIn business as a reference of quality.

It has developed a variety of solutions in the areas of human resources, recruitment, marketing of products, services and talent development, and it couldn’t be any different, since it’s composed of leading executives who cultivated their experiences in leading technology companies, with Reid Hoffman as one of its 5 founders. LinkedIn uses constant evaluations of companies, especially startups, to create the most relevant data in terms of better expectations for professional development, company growth, employee growth and interest of job seekers through views and applications. This is why the so-called LinkedIn jobs are synonymous of quality.

Having a LinkedIn profile puts you in front of millions of potential employers around the world, and that allows you to find the commercial relationships adapted to each of your needs. Gta 5 pc digital download. It’s almost certain that you already know and participate in this social network. However, you may have reasons to leave the network at any time.

How do I delete my LinkedIn Account

1- Go to the LinkedIn official website:

2- Sign in into the LinkedIn account that you want to delete with your email address and your password.

3- Once you signed in, remember to look at your LinkedIn account and see all the connections.

How To Delete Linkedin Account Completely

When you delete your LinkedIn account you’re going to lose endorsements, recommendations, your connections and all the data in your account.

4- Ok, so you are decided. Put your mouse cursor over the profile picture (icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage) and press it, a menu will show up, then scroll down and click on “Settings & Privacy” option.

5- In the next page, verify that you are in “Account” tab.

6- Scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll find “Account management”, and the ‘Closing your LinkedIn account’ option. Press it.

7- Check the reason for closing your account and click “Next”. If you pick “Other”, please use the text area next to it to describe the specific reason.

8- Enter your account password and click “Close account” when the button is highlighted. Maybe you want to unsubscribe from email communications too. To do that, press in the left checkbox.

9- At this moment, you will see that your account has been effectively erased

How To Block Linkedin Account

Through this method, you will delete your LinkedIn account. Remember, you can always create a new account. However, you won’t have your old contacts.

Very important:

LinkedIn offers this information that you need to consider:

You can re-open your account in most cases if it's been closed for less than 20 days, but we're unable to recover the following items even if you reopen your account:

  • Endorsements and recommendations.
  • Ignored or pending invitations.
  • Followings (Influencers, Companies, etc.).
  • Group memberships.

On Mobile

These are the few steps that will help users to delete their LinkedIn Accounts from the Android app:

1- Launch the LinkedIn app for android.

2- Sign in with your credentials, email and password.

3- Once in your account, go to your profile picture.

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4- Then, tap the “Settings” icon in the top right corner of your profile.

5 -On the “Account” tab, scroll down to “Close account” and tap the “Close account” option.

6 -Once you go with the first option, tap “Continue”, and then give a reason for why you want to close your LinkedIn account. To next, press on the “Next” button.

7- In the following window, you need to enter your account password.

After that tap on “Done”.

That’s it, your account will be closed.

Remove Account Without Password

How To Delete Linkedin Account

If you don't remember your password you can ask for a new one:

Erase Account Without Mail address

If you don't have access to your mail address you still can delete your account. You will have to verify your identity with other options: Postal 2 download pelna wersja plug.

Is it possible to reactivate your account?

Yes, it is feasible to reactivate your account, just take into consideration that this option will only be available for 20 days after deactivation. To reactivate it, you just have to head back to the LinkedIn website and sign in with your account’s email address and password.

You’ll see a “Reactivate” button that will reactivate your account, although you’ll lose the group memberships, followings, ignored and pending invitations, endorsements, and recommendations.