How To Add A Nic Drivers To An Esxi 6 Iso

How To Add A Nic Drivers To An Esxi 6 Iso 7,1/10 8380 votes

If you have a new NIC card or a server of a new generation could be possible that the right driver is missing in the standard ESXi installation ISO. And without a working networking is not possible install the ESXi (the installation will stop because one requirement is at least a supported NIC).

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I'm trying to get esxi to run on an old computer with a Marvel Yukon NIC. Skyrim elder scrolls v mods. I'm getting this error -

How to add a nic drivers to an esxi 6 iso update

after a but of googling it looks like this NIC is not supported by default but it does look like it might be possible to modify the ISO and add support for the driver. all the instructions to do this i can find are for older version of ESXI and all the steps are a bit over my head. Requirements for fallout new vegas pc.

Does anyone know any easy way of getting this to work? / is it possible to get this type of nic working in esxi 6.0?

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