Ffxiv Unable To Complete Version Check 30605

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Hiya guys, after installing windows and having a field day with crashes and freezes i decided to try this once again. I installed the latest CO13.01 on Ubuntu 13.10 installed using the FF14 installer, and tried patching as expected it didn't work.
Second step was installing a few things using winetricks following Eric Kuzmenko's tip from the tips and tricks section :
WINEPREFIX=~/.cxoffice/<bottle> winetricks d3dx9 devenum ie8 quartz wininet winhttp xact_jun2010 wmp10
Tried running again and everything worked perfectly, couldn't test the downloader since i just copied the folder i had in windows witch was fully patched. I logged in the data center chose my server and character and logged into the game.
Running the game in windowed mode is the only way it worked with a frame rate of 23-25fps if i went full screen the fps dropped to around 2fps and we all know that is just pure chaos. so windowed customized when as large as i could. Haven't done any intense testing later today ill run some instances and update the post.
* Note i have noticed in 2 occasions that DirectX crashes the game and not nice crashes but crashes were it just locks completely up and a reset is required, again 2 crashes in around 1 hour of fiddling with configurations. Will update if this continues.
Some system notes:
Ubuntu 13.10 64bit
CrossOver 13.0.1
Nvidia GTX 550 Ti
Nvidia 319 drivers

In the new Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion, the addition of the Omega: Deltascape raid has given players some new end-game content to sink their death into. But Deltascape has brought up some questions for those who take it on -- especially when it comes to loot and how loot drops work. Minecraft jurassic park free download.

Tech Support Unable to Complete Version Check 30605204481000910019 submitted. A Realm Reborn', open FFXIVBOOT.cfg in your text editor of choice, find the line that says 'BootVersionCheckMode' and change ithe number following it to 1 if it isn't already. If that doesn't work, try also changing the # next to just Version between 0. Sep 13, 2013  If so, look for the file in My Documents/My Games/final fantasy xiv - a realm reborn/downloads/ffxiv patch/(patch folder) and check the properties of the patch. If its read only, untick, apply and try running the launcher again.

In this short guide, we're going to break down the loot drop system in Deltascape for you, so that you don't have to do any guesswork as you dive into this raid.

How Deltascape Loot Drops Work in FFXIV

Ffxiv Unable To Complete Version Check 30605

For the Deltascape raid, getting the good loot is pretty slow going. Instead of final bosses dropping all of their dope weapons or armor, they will drop treasure coffers with tokens inside.

Upon the completion of a floor, you will earn one of three tokens which can be exchanged for armor. Each floor drops different tokens so you'll probably need to run all of them a few times to get all the armor you want.

The tokens dropped per floor are as follows:

FloorTokens DroppedItem Type
Deltascape V1.0-Deltascape Bolt
-Deltascape Pedal
-Deltascape Chain
Deltascape V2.0-Deltascape Bolt
-Deltascape Pedal
-Deltascape Lens
Deltascape V3.0-Deltascape Crank
-Deltascape Spring
-Deltascape Lens
Deltascape V4.0-Deltascape Crank
-Deltascape Spring
-Deltascape Shaft

Here's the kicker -- each floor can only drop one token a week, with a reset happening on Tuesday. That means that once you receive a token on a floor, you'll have to wait until the next Tuesday to try again. Unfortunately, this means you can only get 4 tokens a week.

Once you've got a few tokens, you can talk to Gelfradus in Rhalgr's Reach who will exchange them for armor. In the table below, you'll find each item type you can purchase and what tokens you need to trade for it.

Ffxiv 30605 504
Item TypeRequired Token
HeadDeltascape Lens (x2)
BodyDeltascape Shaft (x4)
HandsDeltascape Crank (x2)
WaistDeltascape Chain (x1)
LegsDeltascape Spring (x4)
FeetDeltascape Pedal (x2)
AccessoriesDeltascape Bolt (x1)

It might take some time, but with a bit of luck you should be able to get the full set within a few weeks. Just be patient and it'll pay off!

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That wraps up this guide! If you want to learn more about other aspects of this expansion, check out the rest of our FFXIV Stormblood guides for extra tips:

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