Enter The Gungeon Payday 2 Items

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While the guns steal the show in Enter the Gungeon, no gunslinger is prepared for battle without a few items on their hip as well. The items provide a wide range of buffs, assistance, and plot. Enter the PAYDAY 2 Gungeon! By Almir 2017-10-05 Steam Community. You love Enter the Gungeon but don’t want to leave PAYDAY 2? You and your Crew can now Heist as the Marine, the Cultist, the Robot or the one, true Bullet. Enter the Gungeon PAYDAY 2 Wallpaper www.overkillsoftware.com Stay awesome, OVERKILLsymN.

This repository houses the 'Mod the Gungeon' (ETGMod) modding API for the game 'Enter the Gungeon.'

The 'base backend' will be installed before anything else in the ETGMod.Installer.

It is still in its early phases. Do not expect anything usable for end-users here for quite a while.

For compatibility reasons, it contains its own copy of Mono.Cecil (it's not a submodule).

Make sure to read the Code Style Guide and the Contributing documents.

How do I make mods?

ETGMod is work in progress software. Screen keeps going black. We do not yet offer a stable API.

Is there a Mac version?

Worry not, ETGMod is written in the same language as Gungeon and uses the same runtime as Gungeon, Mono.
It already runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Enter The Gungeon Payday 2 Items

Is there a Linux version?

Read the answer to the question above.

Console modding?

PS4 modding will never happen. The platform differs a lot from PC and we've never worked with programming for consoles.

Are the devs okay with this?

The developers of the game actually helped us with some code for ETGMod.
They often hang out in the Gungeon Discord and are really great people.

Enter The Gungeon Payday 2 Items 1

Does this work on pirated copies of the game?

We do not support pirated copies of the game. You're on your own.
We suggest supporting the awesome devs! Things would probably look a lot different if they weren't as supportive as they are.

This is too complicated for me. How do I install a mod?

ETGMod is work in progress software. We're working on simple tutorials.
We'll make sure to have them before we release a stable version.