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Dragon Age Origins -> Awakening ->Golems of Amgarrak -> Witch Hunt save to Dragon Age 2(All DLC)Male Human Mage – Daylen AmellAll Main, Side and Companion quest arecompleted (Icluded the Crime Wave)Some Side Quest description:- Soldier’s Peak: Side with Avernus andkill Sophya- The Golem in Honnleath: Save Analia andkill the Demon- Return to Ostagar: Cailen body wasburned- The Blackstone Irregular: Lead byRaelnor- The Mages’ Collective: Defend theCollective- Favors for Certain Interested Parties:Side with K and kill D- A Missing Child: Find Bevin and payKaitlyn 5 gold for the Sword- Lost in the Castle: Find Valena- Cammen’s Lament: Persuade Gheyna to giveCammen a chance- Elora’s Halla: Secceeding at calming thehalla will allow Elora to talk to the halla and discern the true problem- Lost to the Curse: Agree to kill her andgive her scarf to Athras- Rare Ironbark: Give the Ironbark toVarathorn and he give an Amulet- Wounded in the Forest: Return to theDalish Camp with Deygan- Arcane Warrior: Place the artifact onthe stone altar- A Mother’s Hope: Tell her Ruck wentcrazy- An Unlikely Scholar: Dagna go to theCircle- The Chant in the Deeps: Opening theChantry- Zerlinda’s Woe: Persuade her family tohelp- Thief in the House of Learning: Give thebook to Shaper Assistant Milldrate- Asunder: Kill the Pride Demon- Pearls Before Swine: The mercenariesleave The Pearl- The Crimson Oars: The Oars left theTavern- Honor Bound: Kill Ser Landry- Captured!: The Warden and Alistair wasfreed by Leliana and Morrigan
Companion Quest:
- Alistair's Family: Alistair hardened - Leliana’s Past: Kill Marjolaine andLeliana hardenedMain Quest:- Broken Circle: Sided with the Mages- The Arl of Redcliffe: Save the Village(no one dies), Bella run the Tavern, Free Jowan and tell him you never want to
see him again, Save Connor and kill the Demon in the Fade with the help of the
Circle Mages- Nature of the Beast: Side with the elvesand lift the curse- A Paragon of Her Kind: Bhelen ruleOrzammar with the Anvil of the Void- Unrest in the Alienage: Kill thetevinters, Devera and Caladrius and freed the elves- The Landsmeet: Kill Cauthrien, win theLandsmeet, Alistair married to Anora and rule together, Loghain joined to the
Grey Wardens- The Final Battle: The Warden acceptMorrigan’s offer and kill the Archdemon Romance: Leliana and Morrigan --> Allcompanion approval is 100The Warden slept Isabela with Leliana andZevran Awakening:Some Side Quest description:- The Peasant Revolution: Riot is endedpeacefully - A Daughter Ransomed: Rescue thegirl and kill the kidnappers- Defending the Land: Protect everything- A Brewing Conspiracy: Kill theconspirators with the help of the Dark Wolf- A Day In Court: Alec join to the army,Danella go to prison for one year, Ser Derren keep his landAmaranthine: Help the city guards and killthe smugglersCompanions: Oghren, Anders, Nathaniel,Sigrun and Velanna joined to the Grey Wardens
--> All companion approval is 100Vigil’s Keep is fully upgraded
Main quest: Save Amaranthine (Sigrun, Nathaniel, Velanna inthe party) and siding with the Architect and kill the Mother
Golems of Amgarrak:
- Gathered all research notes
Witch Hunt:
- Gathered all lore of Cadash Thaig
- Morrigan and the Warden kiss, say goodbye, and Morrigan walks through the portal alone
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Quest Thief in the House of Learning Location Orzammar, Orzammar Shaperate Start Shaper Assistant Milldrate End Shaper Assistant Milldrate or Jertrin Other NPCs Shady Corebit, Fixer Gredin Appearances Dragon Age: Origins Thief in the House of Learning is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins. Milldrate will tell you that somebody stole a tome from the Shaperate, and he'll describe the thief as 'bald, with the most garish brand across his head. Soul blade special moves. ' Malwarebytes build 8211 premium 9.


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