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Welcome to The Temple Of The Portals, prepare to fight hordes of giant monstrosities of hell for the control of the multiverse, Hunter's Moon is a mod for Zandronum and GZDoom that consists in bring the single-player campaign that Quake III Arena never had, the story continues millenniums after the Vadrigars and the Eternal Arenas taking the warriors out of the arenas' endless battles to fight for the control of what have locked them there, The Temple Of The Portals is the place where everything connects, it is the universe between the universes, it is a source of unlimited and unimaginable power that even gods wants control it.

The Moon Man Archives, Volume 4: Moon Doom and Other Stories - Kindle edition by Frederick C. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Moon Man Archives, Volume 4: Moon Doom and Other Stories.

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Doom moonman mod installationCharacters:


Spoiler: Changelog V3.0

Download V3.0
Download Map Pack V0.3
Download Editor Resource R8 Last Updated: December/25.ModHow to install doom moon man mod
If you want create maps for Hunter's Moon or want adapt already existing Doom maps for personal use, load this into GZDoom Builder as a additional resource file, it contains the correct monster and weapon replacements to fix the issue with weapons differing from the ammo near them, also the tall monsters stucking on ceiling if the room's height isn't enough for them.
Spoiler: System Requirements to run maps

PBR - Add-on V1
-Simple add-on for GZDoom which adds back the natural shading of many models to makes them look better nearby dynamic lights.

Moonman Mod

Total Sonic Mayhem Music Pack
-This was the old Music Pack, but now some Quake 2 songs were removed and some others that combines better with Quake 3 Industrial style were added in place
Madness of an Epic Massacre Music Pack
-This add-on contains various tracks from many sources, from movies and other games, works with pretty every megawad/gameplay wad but mainly made for Hunter's Moon.
Madness of an Epic Massacre Music Pack - Volume 2

Moon Man Award

-Second edition of the add-on above.

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Moon Man Doom, aka MooN is a modification of the game Doom by id Software. This modification changes the game in several ways. Counter strike source deagle.

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Moon Man, Zyklon Ben, and Adolf Hitler are playable characters. Each character has their own weapon set and attributes. All enemies have been replaced with minorities. Moon Man has his own lines when killing. Features a complimentary soundtrack mod. Can be played with map packs