Buescher Model 10 Trumpet Live

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4/10/2013 - Added the 'Elkhart Built by Buescher' trumpet Model 37B to the Models page. 4/8/2013 - Added the following models to the MODELS page: No 12 Transposing Cornet No 14 Virtuoso Cornet Updated No 5 Epoch to 'True Tone TRUMPET' - was surprised, but this one is classified as a TRUMPET according to Buescher's 1909 Catalog. Find great deals on eBay for buescher trumpet. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. Buescher 212 Trumpet (Professional Model) Pre-Owned. Or Best Offer +$35.91 shipping. 1920's Elkhart Buescher Mo. 9 Silver Trumpet W/ Gold Accents Fair Condition.

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Buescher 400 Trumpet

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Buescher Model 10 Trumpet Live
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Buescher aristocrat trumpet worn

Sold at 39 $

selling as is, for parts or repair. see pictures for more reference on condition. check out my other items.…read more

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Rare 1940's buescher true tone trumpet elkhart ind lp 245 case cornet (los angeles)

Buescher Model 205 Trumpet Reviews

Sold at 225 $

Rare 1940's buescher true tone trumpet elkhart ind lp 245 case cornet this trumpet is in pretty good condition for its age the lacquerer has some obvious ware, but the valves are nice and smooth with no sticking and the slides move..

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Trumpet (windsor by buescher) (west)

Sold at 50 $

Trumpet made by buescher excellent tone and valve action. it is missing a finger button, but can be played. this is a high quality trumpet made to last. call or text ***.

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Trumpet in case, american triumph, art, buescher, vintage, antique, (carlsbad)

Buescher Model 10 Trumpet Live In Texas

Sold at 200 $

Trumpet in case, american triumph, buescher, made by art musical instruments, elkhart ind. u.s. vintage, antique, works well, rare.

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Buescher trumpet true tone lp9 - $1200

We have available a 1914-1915 true tone lp 9 trumpet in good condition as well as playing condition. this is a very neat horn comes with original case, two original mouthpieces, original slide grease, straight mute and not to mention it..

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Buescher '400' trumpet true-tone model 225 serial #357642

Sold at 1000 $

This is an early example of the model 225 '400' trumpet, made by the buescher band instrument company in 1940..

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The trumpet is an extremely old instrument, with evidence of metal versions dating back to at least 1500 B.C.E. Horns made from natural materials, such as conch shells and animal horns most likely predate metal versions by thousands of years. These earlier horns can also be thought of as a type of trumpet. Examples of ancient metal trumpets have been found in Egypt, Scandinavia, South America, Asia, and China. It seems apparent that the trumpet wasn't used by a single culture or people' nearly every culture developed some form of the trumpet at some point in their history.

The earliest use of the trumpet wasn't for recreational music. In olden times, they were typically used for signaling, religious, and military purposes. For example, the Shofar, which is made from a ram's horn, and the Hatzotzeroth, which was traditionally made of silver, are both mentioned in the bible. They are said to have been used to blow down the walls of Jericho. In medieval times, trumpeters were essential for relaying military messages across battlefields.

Advancements in metal making and instrument design during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance era made trumpets more suitable for music making, though they still weren't capable of a large variety of sounds and tones. This is because early trumpets didn't have pitch-altering devices or valves. Instead, the pitch was controlled by the player varying their embouchure. The limited versatility of the trumpet compared with other instruments of the time led to its popularity fading during the Classical and Romantic eras

In the 1800s, the keyed trumpet was introduced. It had holes in the wall of the tube that trumpeter could plug and unplug, making it capable of chromatic expression. Unfortunately, while the holes did allow for more diverse playing, they also seemed to detract from the overall tone of the instrument. For this reason, the keyed trumpet didn't enjoy much success. It wasn't until the valved trumpet was invented that this now-beloved instrument began to see some measure of popularity. Since the introduction of the valved trumpet, it has become a core component of orchestras, bands, and many genres of music.