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New 3D action maker that you can use to create 3D text, 3D shapes in Photoshop. This 3D Photoshop action comes in 2 versions; simple 3D effect and outline 3D effect. After the action is ended you can customize pretty much everything: text/shape, color, texture, stroke size etc. Simply load the action in Photoshop and play it! Sep 14, 2014  Here is a list of 25 amazing 3D text PSD and action files, that will help you create high quality, elegant 3D text pretty easily and quickly – Free for both personal and commercial use.

Traditionally, the Photoshop Style was the tool designers used to share their text effects, but these days the Smart PSD has become the new weapon of choice for sharing pre-made effects. Smart PSDs make use of Photoshop Smart Objects, which allow the user to edit the source of a specific layer in order to update the whole PSD with new content. In comparison to Photoshop Styles, Smart PSDs give the designer much more freedom when creating the original effect, allowing them to use Filters alongside Layer Styles to achieve brilliant results. In this roundup I present 30 of the best FREE text effect PSDs I could find. They help you produce stunning effects with ease by simply customising the file with your own text or logo.

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Neon Layer Styles
Text Effects
Text Effects
80's Style
Text Effects

Free 3D Text PSD

“Cool” Free 3D Text Effects Style

Old Movie Text Effect

80s Retro Typography Effect

Bold 3D Text Effect

Cinematic 3D Text Effect

Retro Text Effect

Lightbox Text Effect

Retro Text Effect

Cinematic Title Text Effect

Grand Motel Text Effect

Sketch Text Effect PSD

Earth Quaking Text Effect

Vegas Text Effect

Medieval Text Style

Metal Text Style

Eraser Text Style

3D Wood Text Style

Neon Light Text Effect

Stone Text Effect PSD

Visual Text Effect PSD

Retro Typoghraphy Text Effect

Pretty Vintage Text Effect

Legend 3D Metal Text Effect

Piece of Cake Psd Text Effect

Type Zilla Psd Text Effect

Bounce Psd Text Effect

3D Metal Text Effect

Free Vintage Retro Text Effect

Diagonal Shadow Text Effect

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3d Text Action Photoshop

Vintage Text Effects

3D 80s Text Effects

100 Text Effects Bundle

Steam Punk Text Styles

80s Text Effects

Vintage Text Effects

Cartoon Text Effects


Today I’m going to share with you a handcrafted collection of 100+ Free Photoshop Text styles (Layer Styles) to help you create unique and awesome text effects for your design project. All the text styles are in layered & fully editable PSD format, so that you can easily and quickly add/modify/remove text in Photoshop to create your own text effects.

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Apr 21, 2019 Update:

Fantasy Free Text Effect

Jan 18, 2019 Update:

Glass Metal Text Effect

A new glass metal text effect and make your text, icon or shape stand out.

Cinematic 3D Text Effect

Jan 07, 2019 Update:

Typography PSD Text Effect

Dec 06, 2018 Update:

Free Vintage Style Text

Nov 17, 2018 Update:

Vintage Watercolor 3D Text Effect

A vintage watercolor 3D text effect PSD you can use to create stunning yet vintage looking posters, quotes, text, book covers, etc. As always, there are a number of options to edit the PSD file that include text, color of the text, 3D depth color, background color and more.

Aug 18, 2018 Update:

10 Free 80s Text Effects

10 Free 80s Text Effects for the best themed graphic design and awesome presentations of your business.

Feb 14, 2018 Update:

Free Avengers PSD text style

Sandwich 3D Text Effect – 3 Angles

A new 3D Photoshop text effect that will help you add depth and a sandwich texture to your plain text. All you need to do is type your text in the smart layer and save the changes.

Jan 12, 2018 Update:

Fade Out 3D Text Effect – 3 Angles

A new 3D text effect with a subtle fade out style well suited for posters, advertisements or other design project. This Photoshop text effect is very easy to use, all you have to do is edit the text inside the smart layer and you’ll have a stunning result in no time.

Sep 2, 2017 update:

Rusteel PSD Text Effect

3d Text Action Photoshop Online

Aug 16, 2017 Update:

99 Text Effect PSD

Jun 11, 2017 Update:

Vintage Poster Typographic Text Effect

A typographic text effect you can use to achieve the same result for your vintage poster design. The effect uses textures and subtle 3D depth on the text to illustrate your poster or flyer design, or card design for instance. Just simply drag and drop your typographic design and save. You can change the colors of the text, 3D depth and background to suit your need.

May 29, 2017 Update:

Vintage Letterpress Text Effects

Apr 29, 2017 Update:

This is a vector collection of cartoon letters for you to create a striking 3D text effect. Mix them and create your own version with ease.

Cartoon Vector Text Effect

Apr 24, 2017 Update:

Retro PSD Text Styles

Apr 05, 2017 Update:

3D Comic Text Effect PSD

The text effect is ideal for your apps, logos, titles, comics, headers or banners. You can even create a great typographic piece for your poster or greeting card design. Double click the smart object layer in the PSD file and type your own text or add symbol and save to get the effect. You can easily change the entire color profile in the text.

Feb 28, 2017 Update:

Wall Neon Glow Text Effect PSD

A super realistic neon glow text effect on a bricks wall background PSD file. Use the smart-object layer to create your own neon text within seconds.

Oct 8, 2016 Update:

Burned Text Effect

July 30, 2016 Update:

Fancy 3D Letter Psd Text Effect

This is a strong visual 3D text effect. Pick any letter or number, combine them and create original presentation. Easily change colors and add your own shapes to make it your own.

19/03/2016 update:

Free 3D Text Effect

The text effect is ideal for typographic headings and titles for your website, flyers, banners, greeting cards and posters. Let me know what you think of this resource.

24/02/2016 update:

Format: Photoshop PSD Dimensions: 2000x1500px, 300DPI Size: 20MB Layered: YES Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS4+

Gasoil Photoshop Text Effect

09/01/2016 update:

Neon Light Text Effect

A realistic Photoshop neon text effect that you can use to transforms your text or shape in a beautiful neon glow PSD effect. It comes with smart-object layers that helps you to add your own text and modify the effects at your will.

Gold Styles

22/11/2015 update:

Free Candy Cane Text Effect

Free Christmas Text Effects PSD

Free Christmas text effects. Editable PSD made with free fonts and layer styles. Contain cookie, snow and candy cane effect.

18/10/2015 update:

Quick Neon Effect

11/07/2015 update:

Juice Photoshop Text Effect

All works with editable SMART OBJECTS. Well layered and editable. 2000px x 1500px 300DPI

21/06/2015 update:

Piece of Cake Psd Text Effect

This is a fun piece of cake psd text effect that will make your content colorful and playful. Change colors and create your own text and shapes with ease.

09/04/2015 update:

Pretty Vintage Text Effect

04/04/2015 update:

Retropress Illustrator Text Effects Free Download

Here’s a pretty freebie that’s ideal to create pretty vintage text effect in Photoshop. Perfect to give your boring heading or quote a vintage effect with texture overlay giving you a tinge of nostalgia, and of course your boring text a head-up.

28/02/2015 update:

Photoshop Text Styles Set 1

21/02/2015 update:

Free Text Effects V1.0

A collection of 10 3d text effect styles and 4 of the you can download for free.

18/01/2015 update:

Photoshop grunge text effects

15/01/2015 update:

Legend 3D Metal Text Effect

10/01/2015 update:

Bounce Psd Text Effect

This is a subtle and neat text effect to let you illustrate your projects with ease. Use the smart layer to add your own content.

22/11/2014 update:


09/10/2014 update:

Glossy Chevron Photoshop Layer Styles

02/10/2014 update:

Cinematic 3D Text Effect

Create a stunning effect for your logos or text and give them a new dimension with this Photoshop cinematic text effect created by Designercow. The PSD file includes smart objects that will allow you to easily apply the effect.

09/09/2014 update:

Lightbox Text Effect

With this Photoshop text effect you will be able to give any text or shape a neon light appearance and make them stand out on a dim background. The PSD file contains smart layers to make it easy to use and modify.

26/08/2014 update:

brilliant text styles

25/08/2014 update:

Free text style PSD

20/08/2014 update:

Free 3D Text Logo PSD

13/08/2014 update:

10 Metallic And Chrome Text Effects

12 Awesome Text Effect Styles

09/08/2014 update:

10 Sci-Fi Layer Styles

Layered PSD, Photoshop ATN CS4 83 MB

07/08/2014 update:

12 Realistic Metallic Styles

Layered PSD, Photoshop ASL

06/08/2014 update:

3D Text Effect Metal Edition

27/07/2014 update:

Natural Text Effect

15/07/2014 update:

Free chocolate psd style

24/06/2014 update:

Snake styles

17/06/2014 update:

Photoshop Wood Styles

12/06/2014 update:

Neons styles

04/06/2014 update:

Golden Casino Layer Style

02/06/2014 update:

Futuristic Text Effect

30/05/2014 update:

Delicious Bakery

28/05/2014 update:

Cinematic Title Text Effect

Add this high detail cinematic title effect to your logos or any other texts to get a dramatic look. All you have to do is to type the desired text inside the smart object and your work is done. Have fun with it!

3d Text Action Photoshop

21/05/2014 Update:

8 Wood Photoshop Layer Styles

16/05/2014 Update:

Blood – Text Effect

13/05/2014 update:

Royal Text Styles

3 absolutely free text styles. Use them as many times as you want as much as you want.

28/04/2014 update:

10 Ice and Frozen Effects

This a set of one-click 10 ice and frozen layer styles for texts, shapes and raster. For better results use on dark background.

Rust Text Style PSD

21/04/2014 update:

5 golden Photoshop styles

04/18/2014 update:

Wood Styles PSD

12/04/2014 Update:

Premium Luxe Text Effect

05/04/2014 Update:

Photoshop Branding Text Effect

26/03/2014 Update:

Smooth Sleek and Shiny Layer Styles

04/03/2014 Update:

Elegant CSS Type Styles

Engraved Text Effects and Styles

01/03/2014 Update:

100+ New Gold Styles

Futuristic Style for Photoshop

28/02/2014 Update:

Text effect psd free download

Modern Production 3D Text Styles

27/02/2014 Update:

Free February Carbon Glow Style

Premium Layer Styles

Led Light Layer Styles

Premium Metal Styles

Glow Text Styles

Grunge Element Text Styles

19/02/2014 Update:

10 Epic Metal Photoshop Styles

30/01/2014 Update:

Sketch Text Effect PSD

23/01/2014 Update:

Golden Text Style

3d Text Action Photoshop Download

02/01/2014 Update:

3d Light

3D Light text effect + PSD+FREE DOWNLOAD !

29/12/2013 Update:

7 Flavours text style

21/12/2013 Update:

Grand Motel Text Effect

Here’s a retro style PSD text effect inspired by the amazing vintage motel signs. Type your own text inside the smart object and create a striking typography piece with ease.

Story of My Life Styles

Makose Graphic Trial Style

Woman PSD Layer Style Effect

This file content Photoshop Document (PSD) that allow you to make the Layer Style of feminism Effect.

SDC Layer Style Effect

This file content Photoshop Document (PSD) that allow you to make the Layer Style of Shine, Dark and Color Effect.

Men PSD Layer Style Effect

This file content Photoshop Document (PSD) that allow you to make the Layer Style of men Efect.

Retro PSD Layer Style Effect

Fallout 4 loading screen fix. This file content Photoshop Document (PSD) that allow you to make the Layer Style of Retro Effect.

Free Holiday Styles

File includes the asl and psd with a link to the free font used,Happy Holidays!

FREE Christmas Photoshop Styles – Text Effects

5 Text Textures

A pack of 5 big text textures!

Battlefield 4 Font PSD

Tennis style

Pokemon styles

FREE Halloween Styles

Bokeh PS Layer Styles

Free Bokeh Customizable Photoshop Text Effects – PSD Included – Free Bokeh Textures and Patterns included