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World of Warcraft III Review

World of Warcraft is one of the most well known games in PC History. Each time a new World of Warcft is released, thousands of gamers are looking forward to playing it.

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Why does it happens? World of Warcraft has become a passion for most gamers, because of its simplicity, but difficulty, due to its great graphics, the sounds,..

Battles between Orcs and Humans, so simply, so attractive.

In this third version, the defeated orcish clans regrouped under the banner of a new visionary leader. And now they want a victory.

In other words, I need the water to flow around a u-turn bend. How to bend in 3ds max.

Warcraft III has lots of great characters, and its fantasy-themed world has tons of personality. It???s got fine-tuned, well-balanced gameplay, it???s got a quick pace, it???s got some new gameplay twists that should surprise even the most hard-core real-time strategy gamers, and it???s simply a lot of fun.

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For the classic server option dedicated to emulate the original experience, see World of Warcraft: Classic.
World of Warcraft

Blizzard Entertainment
 After release: Team 2


Rob Pardo
Jeff Kaplan
Tom Chilton


Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, (Linux via Wine or Cedega)


NA: November 23, 2004
EU: February 11, 2005
CN: June 7, 2006

Latest release
Expansion packs chronology

World of Warcraft, often abbreviated as WoW (or, when referring to the original game, vanilla, classic, or pre-BC), is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released on November 23, 2004, on the 10th anniversary of the Warcraft franchise, three years after its announcement on September 2, 2001.[2] It is the fourth released game set in the Warcraft universe, and takes place four years after the events of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.[3]

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Four years after the Battle of Mount Hyjal, tensions between the Alliance and the Horde begin to arise once again.[4]

Intent on settling the arid region of Durotar, Thrall's new Horde expanded its ranks, inviting the undead Forsaken to join orcs, tauren, and trolls.

Meanwhile, dwarves, gnomes and the ancient night elves pledged their loyalties to a reinvigorated Alliance, guided by the human kingdom of Stormwind. After Stormwind's king, Varian Wrynn, mysteriously disappeared, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon served as Regent but his service was marred by the manipulations and mind control of the black dragonOnyxia, who ruled in disguise as a human noblewoman.

As heroes investigated Onyxia's manipulations, ancient foes surfaced in lands throughout the world to menace Horde and Alliance alike.[5]


The first World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade, was released on January 16, 2007.[6] It was followed by Wrath of the Lich King on November 13, 2008.[7]Cataclysm on December 7, 2010.[8]Mists of Pandaria on September 25, 2012,[9]Warlords of Draenor on November 13, 2014,[10] and Legion on August 30, 2016.[11] The seventh expansion, announced on November 3, 2017 at BlizzCon 2017, is Battle for Azeroth. Blizzard also announced then that they were developing a 'Classic' server option that provides a way to experience the game as it was before any expansions.[12]

With a peak of 12 million subscriptions in October 2010 and the final report of 5.5 million subscriptions in October 2015,[13]World of Warcraft remains the world's most popular MMORPG,[7][14] and holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG by subscribers.[15][16][17][18] In January 2014, Blizzard announced that more than 100 million accounts had been created over the game's lifetime.[19]

Over time, the game's expansions have been integrated into the base game. With the release of Battle for Azeroth, all World of Warcraftsubscribers (or those with game time) automatically have access to all of the content and features of all the expansions up to Legion at no additional cost. Additionally, the Battle Chest is no longer in production.[20]

Further story development is also made throughout its franchising, via online media, novels, comics, manga, RPG books, Trading Card Game, and board games.

Account levels

Main article: Account#World of Warcraft account levels
  • World of Warcraft Starter Edition - Try World of Warcraft for Free - level to 20.
  • World of Warcraft: Subscription (monthly payment) - level to 110.
  • World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (accessible since august 14) - level to 120 - requires subscription.


World Of Warcraft File Size 2018

Player Customization

The new digital edition of the World of Warcraft Battle Chest.
Game box alternate
  • 2 factions: Horde and Alliance.
  • 13 races: Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf, Orc, Troll, Undead, Tauren, Blood Elf, Draenei, GoblinWorgen, Pandaren.
    • pre-purchase of Battle for Azeroth gave early access to recruit 4 allied races: Void elf, Lightforged draenei, Nightborne, Highmountain tauren.
    • 4 more allied races: Dark Iron dwarf, Mag'har orc, Kul Tiran, and Zandalari troll
  • 12 classes: Mage, Warlock, Priest, Rogue, Druid, Hunter, Shaman, Warrior, Paladin, Death Knight, Monk, Demon Hunter.
  • 14 professions, enabling resource gathering and item crafting:
    • 11 primary professions: Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Leatherworking, Tailoring, Jewelcrafting, Inscription.
    • 3 secondary professions: Cooking, Fishing, Archaeology.
      • (First Aid, a secondary profession was removed with Battle for Azeroth)
  • Different specializations for each class that define the player's abilities, strengths and role in the game.
  • The talent system allows customization of the character's passive and active abilities.
    • Glyphs are additionally used to customize the character's abilities.

Gameplay System

A original box cover for World of Warcraft
General System
  • A casual-friendly character progression system.
    • Being offline (resting) increases your experience points gain.
  • In-game trading, mail service, auction system, text and voice chat.
  • Two server types: Normal and RP.
    • (two server types PvP, and RPPvP were removed with Battle for Azeroth)
PvE and PvP Systems
  • PvE System:
    • Thousands of quests.
      • Repeatable quests and world quests.
    • Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios.
      • Island expedition scenarios.
      • Invasion Point scenarios (level 110).
      • Warfront scenarios.
    • Garrisons (level range 90-100) and Class Order Halls (level range 100-110).
    • Challenging solo only content: Brawler's Guild and Mage Tower Challenges (level 110).
  • PvP Honor system:
    • PVP talent system.
    • Turn on or off War Mode for PvP in the open world.
    • 13 Battlegrounds: Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, Eye of the Storm, Isle of Conquest, Battle for Gilneas, Twin Peaks, Silvershard Mines, Temple of Kotmogu, Deepwind Gorge, Seething Shore, Battle for Wintergrasp, Ashran.
      • PvP Brawls with only 1 accessible a week in weekly rotation.
      • (Strand of the Ancients a battleground was removed with Battle for Azeroth)
    • Arena PVP System for 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 intense, small area combat (12 different PVP arena locations).
    • PvP objective world quests.
    • Dueler's Guild.
    • PvP difficulty island expeditions.
  • A variety of World Events including:
    • Darkmoon Faire, Children's Week, Scourge Invasion, Midsummer Fire Festival and Feast of Winter Veil.
  • Continues and expands the lore from the Warcraft universe.
  • Streamlined questlines and NPC-voiced storytelling.
User Interface and Customer Support
  • Customize AddOn and Interface with some game commands support.
  • Client seamlessly supports both Mac and Windows operating systems. Linux users can play via Wine, however this is not supported and can be buggy at times.


Standard WoW
  • North America (English-US - US & Canada)
    • Oceania (English-US - Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand)
    • Latin America (Spanish)
    • Brazil (Portuguese-Brazilian)
  • Europe (English-UK, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazilian, Italian)
  • South Korea
  • China (Simplified and Traditional Chinese; including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau)

Subscriber numbers

World of Warcraft Subscribers Chart.

World of Warcraft's subscriber numbers have fluctuated tremendously over the years. The game reached its peak in October, 2010 with 12 million monthly subscribers,[21] and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world's largest and most popular MMORPG.[22] Though World of Warcraft had dropped to 7.4 million subscribers as of the release of Patch 6.0.2[23], when the Warlords of Draenor expansion released a few weeks later it briefly jumped all the way back up to 10 million[24] before settling back down to 7.1 million.[25]

In January 2014 it was announced that more than 100 million accounts and 500 million characters had been created over the game's lifetime, with players in 244 different countries.[26]

In November 2015 Blizzard announced that they would no longer give regular updates of subscriber numbers, as they felt there were better performance metrics they could use.[27] For a graphical representation of subscriber numbers up to November 2015, click here.

December 2004400 thousand
March 20051.5 million
June 20053.25 million
September 20054.25 million
December 20055.6 million
March 20066.4 million
June 20066.6 million
September 20067 million
January 20078 million
March 20078.5 million
June 20078.8 million
December 20079.75 million
February 200810.2 million
October 200811 million
December 200811.5 million
March 200911.5 million
December 200911.5 million
October 201012 million
March 201111.4 million
June 201111.1 million
September 201110.3 million
December 201110.2 million
July 20129.1 million
September 201210 million
December 20129.6 million
March 20138.3 million
June 20137.7 million
September 20137.6 million
December 20137.8 million
March 20147.6 million
July 20146.8 million
October 20147.4 million
November 201410 million
December 201410 million
March 20157.1 million
July 20155.6 million
November 20155.5 million


Main article: Blizzard Entertainment

System requirements

Main article: System requirements


See also: World of Warcraft evolution guide


The history of World of Warcraft has its origins in Project Nomad. Accounts differ as to the timing of this project, some stating that work began on it after the release of StarCraft,[28] others that development on the game had begun prior to the 'crunch period' of StarCraft's development, and as a result, developers were transferred to work on the RTS game.[29]Nomad itself was to be a sci-fi squad-based shooter, some of its developers taking inspiration from Necromunda, others from Final Fantasy.[30] Those in the former camp conceptualized a squad-based game where players would build up squads of soldiers, upgrade their abilities, find new guns, and go online to challenge other players' armies. Those in the latter camp wanted an adventure/RPG game.[31]

The lack of direction didn't help and the game was scrapped in favor of World of Warcraft.[30] During development, Kevin Beardslee and Bill Petras wanted to make something else entirely different from what Nomad was, specifically a more accessible version of EverQuest. Nomad was scrapped and development on World of Warcraft began two days later.[31]


Development of World of Warcraft was first announced in September 2001[32] at the ECTS tradeshow. There was little fanfare in the original announcement, and the original development team consisted of around fifty individuals.[33] Inspiration was taken from other MMOs such as Ultima Online and EverQuest, using the lore and characters of Warcraft as the basis for the setting. It would be a risky venture, as the company had grown used to games passing the 1 million sales mark, whereas EverQuest had peaked at the 500,000 subscriber mark. While a subscription fee would help recoup costs, there was unease as to whether the game's reception would be as positive as Blizzard's previous games,[34] and it was thought that the game would only appeal to pre-existing Warcraft fans.[33] Furthermore, few members of Blizzard had experience in developing MMOs, and while they enjoyed playing them, there was fears that the game would be overshadowed by Star Wars Galaxies and EverQuest 2. When the game was first announced, members of the press often asked Blizzard as such, seeing them as 'the RTS company.'[35]

By 2002, the game's visual design was being worked on.[36] There was initial pushback in Blizzard as to the Alliance/Horde faction divide, as some feared that some players wouldn't like it because they couldn't play with friends (if they chose different factions).[37]

The game originally had a true to life day-night cycle, which dictated when events and spawns would happen. This idea was scrapped so that players wouldn't have to disrupt their real lives to do these time-specific activities.[38]


The game released in late 2004. Surpassing expectations, the game had reached 5 million subscribers by the end of 2005. Blizzard had to develop tech and customer support on the fly in order to keep up with the demand.[34] In 2007, Blizzard predicted that the game would last for five more years, which spurred them to develop Titan as their successive MMO.[39]

As of 2014, Blizzard's intended development pattern is to keep content at a relatively steady pace—still producing expansions, but with shorter gaps between content implementation.[40] The game has been likened to a sandbox with content being added over time.[41] Expansions are planned out in advance, with narrative threads in one expansion leading to events in the next.[42]

On October 30, 2014, lead designer Ion Hazzikostas stated that World of Warcraft will still be around at its 20th anniversary, in 2024.[43]

As of June 2016, the World of Warcraft team comprises around 235 people.[44]


World of Warcraft is inhabited by a large number of creatures.

The following creatures were added in Vanilla World of Warcraft before the release of expansions:

  • Centaur
  • Dryad
  • Earthen
    • Dwarf
      • Dark Iron dwarf
      • Wildhammer dwarf
  • Elves
    • Night elf
      • High elf
        • Blood elf
  • Flamewaker
  • Furbolg
  • Gargoyle
  • Gnoll
  • Gnome
    • Leper Gnome
  • Goblin
  • Grell
  • Harpy
  • Human
  • Keeper of the grove
  • Kobold
  • Lost One
  • Makrura
  • Mok'nathal (in Vanilla introduced as a single NPC)
  • Murloc
  • Naga
  • Ogre
    • Two headed ogre
  • Orc
  • Qiraji
  • Quilboar
  • Tauren
  • Trogg
  • Trolls
    • Forest troll
    • Ice troll
    • Jungle troll
      • Sand troll
      • Jungle trolls shapeshifted into unique cat & snake humanoid forms as well as individual bat & spider forms that resemble a gargoyle & nerubian
    • Zandalari troll
    • Dire troll (in Vanilla found among forest, ice, jungle & zandalari trolls)
  • Wendigo/Yeti
  • Wildkin
  • Worgen
  • Anubisath
  • Mountain giant
    • Ice giant
  • Sea giant
  • Titanic watcher
  • Basilisk
  • Bat
  • Bear
    • Panda (in Vanilla Collector's Edition: Panda Collar)
  • Beetle
  • Buzzard
  • Cat
    • Saber cat
      • Cougar
      • Jaguar
      • Lion
      • Panther
      • Snow leopard
      • Tiger
    • House cat
  • Chicken
  • Chimaera
  • Clam (as a intractable item)
  • Core hound
  • Cow
  • Coyote
  • Crab
  • Crocolisk
  • Darkhound
  • Deer
  • Dinosaurs
    • Devilsaur
    • Diemetradon
    • Pterrordax
    • Raptor
    • Stegodon
    • Threshadon
  • Fish
    • Frenzy
    • Shark
      • Hammerhead shark
  • Frog
  • Gazelle
  • Gorilla
  • Giraffe
  • Gryphon
  • Hippogryph
  • Horse
  • Hydra
  • Hyena
  • Kodo
  • Larva
  • Owl
  • Pig
    • Boar
  • Rabbit
  • Rat
  • Roach
  • Sand reaver
  • Sea lion
  • Scorpid
  • Sheep
    • Ram
  • Snake
  • Spider
  • Silithid
  • Squirrel
    • Ground squirrel
  • Tallstrider
  • Thunder lizard
  • Turtle
  • Two-headed dog-like beast
  • Wind serpent
  • Wolf
    • Worg
  • Worm
  • Wyvern
  • Zhevra
  • Dragon (in Vanilla five types)
    • Whelp & Drake (younger versions of dragons)
      • Chromatic whelp & drake
      • Plagued whelp
  • Drakeadon
  • Drakonid (in Vanilla six types)
  • Dragonspawn (in Vanilla six types)
  • Faerie dragon
  • Demonhunter
  • Doomguard
    • Doomlord
  • Dreadlord
  • Eye of Kilrogg
  • Felguard
  • Felhound
  • Felsteed
    • Dreadsteed
  • Imp
  • Infernal
  • Satyr
  • Succubus
  • Void hound
  • Abomination
    • Flesh giant (cyborg type in Vanilla)
    • Flesh titan
    • Plague-dog
  • Animated weapons
  • Banshee
  • Bone golem
  • Crypt fiend
  • Crypt lord
  • Frost wyrm
  • Ghost
  • Lich
  • Mur'ghoul
  • Shade
  • Skeletal horse
  • Skeletal wind serpent
  • Spirit Healer
  • Undead gnoll
  • Undead high elf (in Vanilla introduced as a single NPC)
  • Undead human
    • Forsaken
    • Ghoul
    • Skeleton
    • Zombie
  • Undead quilboar
  • Undead troll
  • Wight
  • Wisp
  • Wraith
  • Alarm-O-Bot
  • Bombling
  • Crowd pummeler
  • Harvest golem
  • Mechanical chicken
  • Mechanical dragonling
  • Mechanical gorilla
  • Mechanical sheep
  • Mechanical squirrel
  • Mechanostrider
  • Ancients
    • Ancient of Lore
    • Ancient of War
    • Ancient protector
    • Corrupted ancient
    • Treant
      • Corrupted treant
  • Bog beast
    • Fungal monster
  • Elementals
    • Air elemental
    • Earth elemental
    • Fire elemental
    • Ice elemental
    • Lava elemental
    • Water elemental
  • Lasher
  • Obsidian destroyer
  • Mana surge
  • Snowman
  • Spore
  • Stone golem
  • Ooze
  • Voidwalker

And many creatures are added in each World of Warcraft expansion:


  • The introduction of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans already greeted the player by welcoming him into the 'World of Warcraft'. Before its cancellation, the tagline of Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans was also supposed to be 'An Adventure Game in the World of WarCraft'.
  • Blizzard has considered making a 'World of Warcraft 2' since 2004.[45]J. Allen Brack has expressed doubts about the possibility of a sequel, stating that 'there’s not really a great model for a successful sequel MMO.'[46]
  • In China many models had to be edited due to not being allowed to show bones. For some examples, see the trivia sections of Lord Marrowgar, Sindragosa, [Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade] and Forsaken. Bones and skulls are usually replaced by loaves of bread.
  • Carbot Animations made cartoon-styled parodies of World of Warcraft called WowCraft.
  • World of Warcraft appears in the book, '1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die'.
  • In 2018, World of Warcraft was #41 on IGN's Top 100 Video Games of All Time.
  • World of Warcraft is featured at the Computer History Museum's Make Software: Change the World! exhibit since they opened in January 2017.
  • On page 204 of the World of Warcraft instruction manual, the 'Additional Thanks' section includes 'Happy 30th to RUSH'.



Original logo

The gameplay video displayed is the first, released on November 23, 2004. Other videos were also made before the European release.

See also

  • Timeline (World of Warcraft) for a timeline of game milestones since its announcement.


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