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I'm using a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, 10.1', with Windows 8.1 with Bing. I would like to upgrade to Windows 10 once it becomes available, and have the following question:

There is no announcement of Windows 11, and Microsoft’s stated intent is that Windows 10 will remain the version number from now on. For now, that's the answer to your question. 25 years ago it was normal to brand Windows with the version number. Upgrade Surface to Windows 10: Create Windows 8.1 Recovery Drive. Get yourself a spare USB drive that has – at least – 8GB of capacity. It needs to be one you won’t need for a while. Use it to create a Windows 8.1 USB recovery drive for your Surface. You can use these instructions for making it from Microsoft: Create a USB Recovery Drive. Windows 8 didn’t get the credit it deserved for enterprise features, but Windows 10 expands them even further and makes rollouts less of a headache for IT departments. Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1.

1. Currently, I have a recovery partition. Because I have Windows 8.1 with Bing, I have no product key, and the license is stored in BIOS/UEFI/the recovery partition (?). So, I can't do a clean install in terms of downloaded ISOs, which is fine, but means that I have to rely on the recovery partition in order to use the Bing-license.


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2. I will get Windows 10 Home for free. Slimtype dvd a ds8a4s specification. But as far as I understood, it will only be usable on this device (which is fine), and only when performing an upgrade from a previously installed Windows (7 or 8).


3. The upgrade advisor tells me that my current recovery partition will be lost when upgrading.

4. The scenario I fear: I use Windows 10, everything is fine. But then, someday, something breaks (badly) and because I have no recovery partition available, I have to perform a clean install. But I can't install Windows 8.1, because I have no product key as the license was only available via the recovery partition. And I cannot install Windows 10, because I have no older version of Windows installed. Thus, if my future Windows 10 installation breaks some day, I have to purchase a full license in order to use it.

I hope I'm wrong with this, but can somebody possibly explain how exactly?


Bonus question: I have a spare Windows 7 Professional product key. Can I somehow use it to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro without actually installing it? There are (as far as I know) no Windows 7 drivers for the Yoga Tablet 2.