Windows 7 Calculator Shortcut

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  1. Hotkey For Calculator Windows 7

Hotkey For Calculator Windows 7

Method 1 – Reinstall Calculator (Windows XP) Click on Accessories and Utilities and then click the Details button below: Now click on Accessories and click the Details button again. Now make sure to check the Calculator box. Game of thrones adaptation mod for skyrim v4. Now click OK all the way back and XP will go ahead and reinstall the calculator! If you can’t get a hold of a Windows XP disc, then try the second method. » CALCULATOR SHORTCUT KEYS. F1 Open – Calculator Help. F2 – Select Dword in Programmer mode. F3 – Select Word in Programmer mode. F4 – Select Byte in Programmer mode. F5 – Select Hex in Programmer mode. F6 – Select Dec in Programmer mode. F7 – Select Oct in Programmer mode.

The solution is simple to create in Windows 7 a calculator desktop shortcut, the Windows-7 calc.exe is a useful and very often required windows tool!

The full path of the calculator in Windows-7 is 'C:WindowsSystem32calc.exe' or '%Windir%System32calc.exe'
The fastest way to create a desktop shortcut is for calcurator on windows-7 desktop is via run-dialog command [Windows-Logo+R] and commandexplorer /select,C:WindowsSystem32calc.exe
And now drag (right mouse button) the calc.exe to the desktop an create the calculator shortcut.
(.. see Image-1 Arrow-1 and 2)
(Image-1) Calculator desktop shortcut for Windows 7!

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