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How to Use Infested Impedance in Warframe

In Warframe, there are a number of mods players can equip to their character. Some make moves more powerful. Some reduce enemy armor rating. Some can even slow down the speed of specific enemies. Infested Impedance is a mod in Warframe that does just that. There are a number of questions surrounding this mod and sadly, there are problems with getting it to work. While those problems haven’t been fixed yet in Warframe, we can still explain how to use Infested Impedance as if the problems were fixed. Polo vector template psd. And hey, not every player encounters problems when using it in Warframe. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

Infested Impedance is an Aura (which is a type of mod) that reduces the speed of Infested enemies within eight meters of the user by up to 18 percent. To get to 18 percent, though, you’re going to have to put in some work. This aura only slows enemies down by 3 percent at rank zero, 6 percent at rank one, 9 percent at rank two, 12 percent at rank three, 15 percent at rank four and finally, 18 percent at rank five.

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Each rank comes with a larger cost to your overall capacity in Warframe as well. At rank zero, Infested Impedance will cost you two, three at rank one, four at rank two, five at rank three, six at rank four and finally, seven at rank five.

How To Use Mods In Warframe

When Infested Impedance works properly in Warframe, the effects should be quite noticeable and simple to understand. You use the move and any enemy in the radius of it will be slowed to a certain degree based on the rank of the aura used. Sadly, though, Warframe players have found that this move often doesn’t work like it should. Sometimes it doesn’t slow the enemy down as much as it should, while others have seen the aura fail to slow the enemy down at all.


Theoretically, if a squad of four were to use the move at the same time, players should see targeted enemies slow way down — the maximum speed reduction is 75 percent so no enemy will slow more than 75 percent of their original speed. Unfortunately, using Infested Impedance as a squad often encounters the same problems as using it solo; it just doesn’t work as intended or as it should.

For the time being, that’s the status of the move. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s unknown if a fix for this move is coming anytime soon.

Warframe Mods

AcrobatReduces Stamina costs of wallrunning.Uncommon
AntitoxinIncreases Poison Damage Resistance.Uncommon
Blind RageIncreases Power Strength while reducing Power Efficiency.Corrupted
ConstitutionIncreases Knockdown Recovery and Power Duration.Nightmare
ContinuityIncreases Power Duration.Rare
Diamond SkinIncreases Radiation Damage Resistance.Uncommon
Enemy SenseEnemies are shown on your radar.Rare
EquilibriumGives additional Energy when picking up Health Orbs and vice versa.Uncommon
Fast DeflectionIncreases Shield Recharge rate.Uncommon
Flame RepellentIncreases Fire Damage Resistance.Common
Fleeting ExpertiseIncreases Power Efficiency but reduces Power Duration.Corrupted
FlowIncreases Maximum Energy.Rare
FocusIncreases Power Strength.Rare
FortitudeIncreases Knockdown Resistance and Shield Recharge rate.Nightmare
HandspringIncreases fall recovery.Rare
Heavy ImpactCreate seismic shockwaves from heavy landings to knock foes off their feet.Uncomon
InsulationIncreases Ice Damage Resistance.Common
IntruderIncreases Hacking time.Common
Lightning RodIncreases Electric Damage Resistance.Common
MaglevIncrease slide speedUncommon
MarathonIncreases Maximum Stamina.Common
Master ThiefChance to unlock locked lockers.Rare
Narrow MindedIncreases Power Duration while reducing Power Range.Corrupted
Natural TalentIncreases Cast Speed.Rare
OverextendedIncreases Power Range while reducing Power Strength.Corrupted
ParryChance to knock down melee attacker.Common
ProvokedIncrease damage dealt during bleedout.Uncommon
Quick RestIncreases Stamina recovery rate.Uncommon
Quick ThinkingDrains Energy to stop lethal damage.Rare
RageConverts damage on Health to Energy Rare
RedirectionIncreases Maximum Shield capacity. Common
ReflectionReflect damage back at attacker while blocking. Common
Reflex GuardAuto Parry Rare
RetributionChance to do Electrical Damage to melee shield attackers. Rare
RushIncreases Movement Speed while sprinting.Uncommon
Shield FluxConvert Shield to StaminaCommon
Shock AbsorbersIncreases Damage Resistance when knocked down.Rare
Steel FiberIncreases Armor.Common
StreamlineIncreases Power Efficiency.Rare
StretchIncreases Power Range.Uncommon
Sure FootedIncreases chance to resist knockdownRare
Thief's WitContainers and resources shown on map.Common
Undying WillBleedout ReductionRare
VigorIncreases Maximum Health and Shield Capacity.Nightmare
VitalityIncreases Maximum Health.Common
Warm CoatIncreases Shield Resistance against Ice Levels.Uncommon