Vice City Stories Map

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The 35 rampages located throughout Vice City typically require you to kill gang members or destroy vehicles. Some of these challenges can be tricky; it is recommended you attempt each one with.

Real Estate & Stores - Knocking Off Stores

In order to 100% the game, you'll have to knock over fifteen reputable establishments. They're scattered all over the map, and are distinguished by the fact that, well, you can actually walk into them. Unless it's a pizza place or Ammu-nation, a business that you can walk into (indicated by dull glass panes outside) is a pontential target.

To hold a place up, walk inside and aim at the cashier. The longer you aim, the more money is given over. Eventually, every single held up employee will go for the alarm. You can shoot them before they do, or just hightail it out of there.

The trick to knocking off stores is having a getaway plan, because the second you rob a store, your wanted level will go up. Scope the area to know where the good Bribes are, or if you can quickly get to your save house. Always plan your escape before you go in, or you could end up getting busted or wasted.

There are fifteen total stick-uppable shops. Check the Stats under 'Stores Knocked Off' to determine how many you've held up.

Vice City Stories Map

1. Jewelry Store: North Point Mall (First floor)[edit]

Note: Don't go above two stars on you Wanted Level and you can just run to the Gash (outfit unlocked after the mission Treacherous Swine) or Tooled Up to get out of danger.

2. Tooled Up (Hardware Store--next to Ammu-Nation on the first floor): North Point Mall[edit]

Note: Rob the shop, then simply change into your Coveralls (accessible after the mission Riot).

3. Gash: North Point Mall (Second floor)[edit]

Note: Don't go above two stars on your Wanted Level and you can change clothes out front to get out of danger.

4. Music Store: North Point Mall(Second floor)[edit]

Note: Don't go above two stars on your Wanted Level and you can just run to the Gash/Tooled Up to get out of danger.

5. Pharmacy: Downtown (Near Rock City)[edit]

Note: There's a Jocksport nearby for a quick change of clothes after the robbery.

6. Jewelry Store: Downtown (Across the street kitty corner from the Love Fist Studio)[edit]

Note: There's a Jocksport nearby for a quick change of clothes after the robbery.

Psp Gta Vice City Stories Map

7. 24/7: Little Havana (Donut Shop--Down the street from Cherry Popper Factory, under the Exploder sign)[edit]

Note: It's a quick jaunt across the bridge to the mansion to clear your Wanted Level.

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8. Screw This: Little Havana (Hardware store--Right across from the Rockstar building)[edit]

Note: Again, Vercetti Estates is easily drivable to drop your Wanted Level.

Vice City Stories Police Bribes Map

9. Laundromat: Little Havana (Behind the Print Works)[edit]

Note: Rob the place, then go back inside to change clothes. Beautiful.

10. Ryton Aide Pharmacy: Little Haiti (Next to Pay N' Spray)[edit]

Note: A short trip to Vercetti Estates will clear your good name.

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11. Jewelry Store: Vice Point (Near the bridge to Leaf Links)[edit]

Simply drive to Leaf Links and change into your Country Club outfit (accessible after Four Iron).

12. Bunch of Tools: Washington Beach (Hardware store--across the bridge from the Washington Beach police station).[edit]

13. Dispensary: Vice Point (Near the Vice Point hospital)[edit]

14. Corner Store: Vice Point (One block east of the Dispensary)[edit]

15. Robina's Cafe: Little Havana (West Side)[edit]

Vice City Stories Red Balloons Map

Note: Once you've finished the Cuban missions (or before), go to Robina's Cafe and stick it up. How to disable touchpad on laptop.