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Is it a glitch for shadowed areas to slowly brighten in Skyrim? The issue with the 'striped' shadows I think are some bugs in the lighting. There are several mods that fix various issues like this. You could look into a mod like Skyrim Shadow Striping Fix (havne't tried that one), or Shadow Striping Fix (Indoor/Outdoor). (Lighting Overhauls/Mods or other mods that add in new light sources may cause shadow striping, so if it's not a Vanilla or Official DLC light source it is up to the author of the particular mod to fix, unless there is enough demand for me to create a patch) INSTALLATION: -Download with mod manager and activate.

Steam not in program files list. I have tried Steam had to change the name of the Exe to make it work.

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  • Ok, so basically yesterday there I was, playing Skyrim normally on PC, everything was fine. Then I had to go to bed so I turned off my laptop, and slept. But when I got back from school today, I tried running Skyrim, But wait.. Whats this? 'Your..


    I had this problem too.i crack it with version 1.1 crack and it worked good luck

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  • Right, so basically I put a question up about this before but didn't get any useful responses so here it is again (Slightly re worded): Ok, so basically yesterday there I was, playing Skyrim normally on PC, everything was fine. Then I had to go to bed..


    The same thing happened to me just this morning but in kingdoms of amalur reckoning, do the following..

  • Fallout 4 viking mod. So I was playing Skyrim on the PC and none of my save games would load. I would get a crash to desktop with no error messages. After many attempts to fix it (uninstalling mods, resetting sound quality etc), I decided to give it a clean sweep. I Deleted..


    It might be steam that have backed up your saves. This can be disabled, or you could try manually deleting..

  • Hey everyone! So I bought Skyrim the day it came out, played it like crazy of course and had zero problems..a month after playing I kind of shyed away from it and what not. Just got bored i guess. I'm just recently coming back to it now and i really..


    One piece of evidence that you didn't tell us was your graphics video card memory. Skyrim is only a..

  • Okay, so I overclocked my GPU, and I noticed that this morning my hardware was like recovered, so I go on Skyrim, and notice I get about 20FPS more than usual. However, I noticed that whenever I walked, the FPS changed so much, like within a second it..


    This must be the device problem. Report this issue to the device service.

  • I start a new game on skyrim and when it asks are you sure, I hit yes, and the swords clash and say HUUUYAAHH!!!!, and you see the logo for skyrim with nothing else on the screen except some fog and a black background. There is music playing (theme song..


    Do you have any mods? Did you changed your skyrim.ini? <--This is what causes it not to work. I suggest..

  • I had some problems with Skyrim earlier where I started Skyrim on the PS3 XMB menu. The screen goes black, as it usually would when starting any PS3 game. Generally, it goes on to say that if you switch it off during save, it corrupts data and all that..


    There seems to be some technical trouble with PS3 Skyrim lately, as a vast number of players have been.. Lego rock raiders steam.

  • I bought Skyrim on pc, and i've got windows xp (If that's important) We m ade our own computer so it was the latest you could buy a few years ago but it still meets the specs of Skyrim. Anyway i managed to get 3 hours game play out of Skyrim until it..


    Firstly the blue screen of death tells you what went wrong - albeit not that obvious. You will get an..

  • Ok so when I run the game, the title screen and Bethesda logo are fine. When I get into the actual game I am looking at a bunch of 'shadow' looking beams of light in the shape of trees or rocks. Only inanimate objects. No animals or creatures..


    I had identical issues with Skyrim when I had an HD 6850. Try disabling all of the effects in the Skyrim..

  • so i am playing skyrim for pc and i get into skyrim but then the game at the loading screen freezes and turns black but you can still here the music as if it is going to play i have gotten rid of all my mods and restarted steam and even my computer i..