Scp Containment Breach Door Codes

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Download high school of the dead. I've finished going through the Light Containment area and I'm trying to get into the Heavy Containment Area. I flipped the switch in the surveillance room and my Omni-Card opened the door from LCZ into the little intermediate room, but to get into HCZ there's a keypad requiring an access code. The Heavy Containment Zone is the second zone encountered in the game. It is preceded by the Light Containment Zone and followed by the Entrance Zone. It is strictly used for containment of high level SCP objects, such as SCP-106 and SCP-049. Due to this, it is constructed with a distinctive rudimentary style, abundant with grimy tunnels and catwalks. Rebuilt scp-012 room in blender to assign names to all model parts and make it easier to work with, fixed door being blocked off Blocked vent off from skybox and added lighting to 173opt, fixed light bleed from other room due to lights being in ceiling.

  1. Scp Containment Breach All Door Codes
  2. Scp Containment Breach Door Codes
How to beat SCP:CB
1) You will first start the game, make sure you grab the gas mask and lvl 1 keycard to get you going
2) Keep a look out for 106/173 for they can spawn ANYWHERE.
3) Later in game, you will find SCP-914, make sure you found a lvl 2 card so you can enter
Download4) While using SCP-914, you are an open target to SCP-106, so move around a lot and if he does come, be prepared.
Scp maintenance tunnels5) After using SCP-914 to pimp up your items, carry on to the Light Containment Zone.
6) In most causes, SCP-106's containment room can be found. So try to contain him!
7) Look around for important equipment and still, keep a watch for 173 or 106.

Scp Containment Breach All Door Codes

Scp containment breach dr maynard door code
At some time, you will come to SCP-106's maintenance tunnels, but if you have already
contained him there will be no problem, just look out for 173.
9) And again, at some point you will reach SCP-096's sever room, just flick the switch's to 'Generator', then
in the small room flick it to 'Main'. Then you can get out but ALWAS keep your eyes to the celling/floor
to avoid being killed.
10) When you reach the entrance zone, make sure you have a lvl 5+ keycard.
11) When you reach the electricity center, always go into it. Flick the door control the opposite way it is.
12) After your done that, if you want a Gate B ending, you would of had to found SCP-079 and try to reach it again.

Scp Containment Breach Door Codes

After he's done talking go back to the electricity zone and flick the Door control the way you found it. Then find Gate B.
13) If you want a Gate A ending, all you have to do is follow the instruction above (Except the SCP-079 part) and then
find Gate A.
I hope this helped you out if you where stuck,