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For Resident Evil 6 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message. Does anyone know where to get these mod programs and if they will work on the PS3? I want even though it's really just a skin on an existing character. Resident Evil 6 Characters A Skin Mod for No More Room in Hell. Resident Evil Revelation 2 Moira Burton Ninja Characters. The Walking Dead Characters Characters. REQUIREMENT, SERIOUSLY READ THIS: You’ll need Wide Slider (INSTALLED AND THE GAME/STUDIO/NEO PATCHED WITH IT) or you’ll get eyes out of socket or other issues. If Hongfire is down, you can get it from here (search Wide with CTRL+F) Slot/IDs used: Head Type (F) 200041 Eye (F) 254766 Eyebrow (F) 251203 Eyelash 252203 Face Type Continue reading HSRequest Sherry from Resident Evil 6.

The unlockable costumes in Resident Evil 6 can be obtained through The Mercenaries and Resident These costumes can only be used in the Extra Content and not in the campaign. There are three extra costumes that can be unlocked for each character, with the exception of Carla and Agent who have none. In the re-release of the game on the PS4 and Xbox One, the EX2 and EX3 costumes can only be unlocked by playing the Extra Content, as there is no RE.NET link in these versions.[1]

EX Costume 1Edit

The first costumes are unlocked by completing any stage with an A or S rank on Solo or Duo modes. These costumes are obtained individually by each character using their default appearance. Scoring an A or S rank in an EX2 or EX3 costume will not unlock these.

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Helena's R.P.D. uniform costume.
Leon's pirate costume.
Chris' kimono costume.
Piers' racing costume.
Jake's biker costume.
Sherry's school uniform costume.
Ada's Chinese costume.

EX Costume 2Edit

The second costumes are color variants of the first costumes. Shirdi sai anugraha peetam. These costumes can only be obtained by using a valid Resident account that is linked with Resident Evil 6. Each costume can be unlocked for 60,000 RE Points each. In the PS4 and Xbox One versions, these will randomly unlock by playing any of the Extra Content modes. These costumes can be used regardless if the default character is unlocked.

Leon's pirate variant costume.
Helena's R.P.D. uniform variant costume.
Chris' kimono variant costume.
Piers' racing variant costume.
Jake's biker variant costume.
Sherry's school uniform variant costume.
Ada's Chinese variant costume.

EX Costume 3Edit

The final set of costumes are meant to emulate the character models used in the original releases of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. Leon, Chris, Sherry, and Ada wear costumes based on their outfits from those games, while Helena, Piers, and Jake wear costumes based on those worn in the campaign. These costumes can only be obtained by using a valid Resident account that is linked with Resident Evil 6. Each costume can be unlocked for 1 Ticket each. Tickets are obtained by participating in site events. In the PS4 and Xbox One versions, these will randomly unlock by playing any of the Extra Content modes. These costumes can be used regardless if the default character is unlocked.

Leon's Resident Evil 2 costume.
Helena's Lanshiang costume.
Chris' Resident Evil costume.
Piers' Edonia costume.
Jake's Edonia costume.
Sherry's Resident Evil 2 costume.
Ada's Resident Evil 2 costume.


A notice appears when unlocking RE.NET costumes.

Promotional rendersEdit

Page from Resident Evil 6 Artworks.

Unused conceptsEdit

Unused costume concepts for Leon shown in the Resident Evil 6 Artworks book.
Unused costume concepts for Helena.
Unused costume concepts for Chris.
Unused costume concepts for Piers.
Unused costume concepts for Jake.
Unused costume concepts for Sherry.
Unused costume concepts for Ada.

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Further notesEdit

  • After unlocking the Resident outfits, the game must be reloaded in order to use them. The game will display a notice about them at the main menu.
  • The costume that Sherry wears is based on her appearance in Resident Evil 2. Offering older costumes for recurring characters is a common theme in the games. However, since Sherry was only a child during her original appearance, her clothes no longer fit her adult body.
  • In addition to Sherry, Helena and Piers have throwback outfits to Raccoon City as well. Helena wears an R.P.D. uniform and Piers wears patches from Raccoon City businesses and organizations, including the R.P.D. as well as STAGLA gas station and S.T.A.R.S.


  • Resident Evil 6 Artworks. ISBN 9784862333858.


  1. CAPCOM: RESIDENT EVIL 6 Official Web Manual - 'The PlayStation®4 and Xbox One versions of Resident Evil 6 cannot link up with Resident Evil.Net. However, costumes obtained by linking up to Resident Evil.Net from the PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360 versions can be obtained by playing the Extra Content modes in the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One versions of the game.'
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This content is intended for mature audiences.

Carla nudemod for both campaign and non-campaign modes.
Known issues:
-In some cutscenes, her stole and lower dress still appears.
-In some chapters, Carla wears her original costume.
Based in maliwei777's Ada Nudemod:…

To install it, unzip the files in nativePC > arc > DX9
Always remember to backup the original files!

Update: Carla naked in all cutscenes.
Mod nudista tanto para el modo campaña como fuera de campaña.
Problemas conocidos:
-En algunas cinemáticas, su bufanda y parte inferior del traje aún aparecen.
-En algunos capítulos, Carla lleva su traje original.
Basado en el mod nudista de Ada por maliwei777:…

Para instalarlo, descomprimir los archivos en nativePC > arc > DX9
¡Recordad siempre hacer una copia de seguridad de los archivos originales!

Actualización: Carla desnuda en todas las cinemáticas.

You wouldn't happen to know why 'most' RE women always seem to have those heels in these mods?
Probably becuase they were made by the same person (this one is just a swap from Ada to Carla).
Very nice, but can you make something about that necklace. Change it to red scarf and no glove because Ada already wearing that so yeah i know this mod is using the same person after all.
Thanks. Sorry, but I'm not making more mods for RE6.
Gracias, eres el mejor!
Pordrias hacer de las demas?
Gracias a ti.
De las demás ya las hay por Internet.
DearSanta,I want amodofALLwomenin this gamemakesnaked.
This modI was looking fora long time.
SimpleSimhasthis modtoo, butthe man iscrazy.
Hereally wants toknowthe real name,E-Mail,Facebook,Twitter,YT,IP Address and ISP Data.
Well,thank you againthat you're notso on it.
wow wow wow never knew that u also cud do a Resi mod ... nice
I don't have the program to mod RE, so I can't make mods as I do for SF. I just did a pair of model swaps.
Thanks. The body was made by maliwei777. I just swapped it to Carla.
this costume Wonderful, my friend, but there is a demand I should deal with this file - [link]
When I open the file, Winrar - it appears corrupt Any yellow banners What is the solution