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One our most anticipated RPGs of the year is finally heading out of Early Access and into full-blown release. As would be expected from the previous entry in this beloved role playing franchise, there are a whole lot of replayability elements to be found in Divinity: Original Sin 2, including a robust crafting system.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 includes some big changes to the series in terms of races, classes, spells, and stats. While some of the recipes will look familiar to those who played the first game, others have been tweaked considerably throughout Early Access. In this guide, we've broken out each and every recipe and its base ingredients from arrows to grenades to weapons.

Players can combine Items and Materials they acquire throughout the game to new items. The game features over 720 crafting recipes which are divided into the following categories. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Guides Mellarius's Guides This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. It is only visible to you.

All Divinity: Original Sin 2 Crafting Recipes


Note that many of the recipes included below are interconnected, and a player will be rewarded for trying out new combinations. For instance, you need to be manufacturing certain types of potions if you want to reliably produce elemental arrows.

Arrow Recipes

Although frequently lacking the area affect possibilities of grenades (well, unless you place something flammable on the ground first), many of the elemental and magical arrow effects can be just as useful, with knockdown and charming arrows in particular offering plenty of tactical options.

Note that you actually have to combine the base arrow shaft with the head for each type of arrow to get the final product (such as arrow shaft + slowdown arrowhead for a functional slowdown arrow).

Crafting ItemIngredients
Arrow Arrow Shaft
Poisoned ArrowheadArrowhead
Ooze Barrel (or) Intestines
Slowdown ArrowheadArrowhead
Oil Barrel
Explosive ArrowheadArrowhead
Fire Resistance Potion
Steamcloud ArrowheadArrowhead
Water Resistance Potion
Static Cloud ArrowheadArrowhead
Small Air Resistance Potion
Stunning ArrowheadTooth
Knockdown Arrowhead Shiv
Charming ArrowheadArrowhead
Freezing ArrowheadArrowhead
Water Essence
Poison Cloud ArrowheadArrowhead
Earth Essence
Necro Fire ArrowheadFire Arrowhead
Source Orb
Blessed Water ArrowheadWater Arrowhead
Source Orb
Armor Recipes

These are all pretty basic armor recipes, and not too many have been discovered -- so it seems like a good bet there will be more of these to find through trial and error.

Original Sin 2 Crafting
Crafting ItemIngredients
Handmade LeatherThreaded Needle
Leather Scraps
Handmade ClothNeedle & Thread
Cloth Scraps
Handmade Mage ArmorNeedle & Thread
Cloth Scraps
Pixie Dust
Handmade Chain ArmorNeedle & Thread
Metal Scraps
Handmade Scale ArmorAnvil
Scale Scraps
Handmade Plate ArmorAnvil
Plate Scraps
Winter BootsNails
Armor Shoes
Cooking and Food Recipes

I can't stop laughing about making tomato sauce with a tomato and a hammer. But hey -- I guess when you don't have an immersion blender or a food processor, that's one way to get the job done. Note that some items, such as the pies, require the mobile kitchen to be properly cookedafter the ingredients are combined.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Boiling Pot Cooking Pot
Mortar & Pestle
Ingred Dough Flour
Ingred Dough PizzaIngred Dough
Tomato Sauce
Ingred Dough Cheese BreadIngred Dough
Water BottleEmpty Bottle
Water Barrel
Tomato SauceTomato
Honey JarJar
Cup of Milk
Potato PorridgePotato
Cup of Milk
Fries RivellonCold Fries
Boiling Pot
Boiled PotatoPotato
Boiling Pot
Apple JuiceEmpty Mug
Orange Juice Empty Cup
Fish PieDough
Apple Pie Dough
Mobile KitchenCooking Pot
Grenade Recipes

You usually want a steady supply of these on hand, both for straight damage and for causing effects on the ground, and they are cheaper to make than to buy.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Love GrenadeEmpty Perfume Bottle
Pixie Dust (or) Honey
Tremor Grenade Empty Cannister
Earth essence
Thunderbolt Grenade Empty Cannister
Air Essence
Terror GrenadeEmpty Cannister
Tormented Soul
Razzle Dazzle GrenadeEmpty Cannister
Air Resistance Potion
Chemical Warfare GrenadeEmpty Cannister
Rotten Eggs
Cluster Grenade Empty Grenade
Fire Essence
Nailbomb Grenade Empty Grenade
Frost GrenadeEmpty Grenade
Water Essence
Armor Piercing Grenade Empty Grenade
Broken Bottle
Mustard Gas GrenadeEmpty Grenade
Molotov GrenadeBottle With Oil
Water BalloonIntestines
Oil Flask Empty Flask
Oil Barrel
Rune Recipes

Each type of rune can be used to enchant weapons or armor to add various effects. Keep in mind that each type of rune can also be upgraded by combining them together (such as two small thunder runes becoming a medium thunder rune, two medium thunder runes becoming a large thunder rune, and so on).

How to actually enchant is super clear from the inventory. You have to switch to the crafting screen, then tab over to the Enchant section. Not all items are able to be enchanted either, as you need equipment with rune sockets, which don't become available until later in the game.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Small Flame RuneWood
Pixie Dust
Small Thunder RuneWater
Pixie Dust
Small Frost RuneWater
Pixie Dust
Small Rock Rune Rock
Pixie Dust
Small Venom RuneBone
Pixie Dust
Small Masterwork RuneLivewood
Pixie Dust
Potion Recipes

As with the runes, remember that you can get the next grade up of a potion by combining two of the previous types. For a medium healing potion, combine two minor healing potions, and so on.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Minor Healing PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Penny Bun Mushroom
Healing ElixirAny Healing Potion Type
Yarrow Flower
Small Magic Armor PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Small Physical Armor Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Minor Constitution PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Minor Strength Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Amethyst Deceiver
Small Fire Resistance Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Guepinia Mushroom
Small Air Resistance Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Small Earth Resistance Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Earth Tongue Mushroom
Small Poison Resistance PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Small Water Resistance PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Bluegill Mushroom
Minor Speed PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Wizard's Hat Agaric
Minor Finesse PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Minor Perception PotionEmpty Potion Bottle
Minor Intelligence Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Altar Of The Black RoseEmpty Potion Bottle
Blood Rose
Invisibility Potion Empty Potion Bottle
Scroll Recipes

Yep, you can craft your own scrolls to cast spells, just like in the previous game. Here's all the scroll formulas we've found so far, but there's bound to be more added in the near future!

Crafting ItemIngredients
Searing DaggersPaper Sheet
Essence Fire
Infectious FlamePaper Sheet
Essence Fire
Sharp Tooth
FireballPaper Sheet
Essence Fire
Sharp Claw
HastePaper Sheet
Essence Fire
Claw (or) Antler
RainPaper Sheet
Essence Water
Hail Strike Paper Sheet
Essence Water
Unknown Fish Type
ResurrectPaper Sheet
Essence Water
Essence Life
Healing Ritual Paper Sheet
Essence Water
Fish Star
Steam LancePaper Sheet
Essence Water
Source Orb
FortifyPaper Sheet
Essence Earth
Herb Whisperwood
Fossil StrikePaper Sheet
Essence Earth
Piece of Rock
Impalement Paper Sheet
Essence Earth
Metal Shard
TeleportationPaper Sheet
Essence Air
Shocking Touch Paper Sheet
Essence Air
Blinding Radiance Paper Sheet
Essence Air
TornadoPaper Sheet
Essence Air
Chain LightningPaper Sheet
Source Orb
Dimensional BoltPaper Sheet
Tormented Soul
Storm EtherealPaper Sheet
Source Orb
Chicken ClawPaper Sheet
Essence Life
Chicken Foot
Tentacle LashPaper Sheet
Essence Life
Rat Tail
Tools and Miscellaneous Recipes

From lock picks to pixie dust, these are all the random items you need that don't quite fit it any category but are essential throughout the game.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Lockpicks (4)Nails
Repair Hammer
Lockpick (single)Soap
Needle & ThreadThread
Pixie DustStardust
Bonedust (or) Moondust
Voodoo Doll Wooden Figurine
Weapon Recipes

Divinity Original Sin 2 Crafting Scrolls

Need an extra weapon but nowhere near a merchant? You can make some on your own, with stats tied to the level of the character performing the crafting.

Crafting ItemIngredients
Sharp Piece of Metal
Shank Leather Scraps
Sharp Piece Of Metal
Big Tongs Roped TogetherLeather Scraps
Twig With a StringWooden Stick
Toy CrossbowWooden Stick
Wooden Stick
CrossbowWooden Branch
Wooden Stick
Improvised StaffWooden Branch
Sharp Stone on a StickWooden Branch
Sharp Stone
ClubWooden Branch
Cloth Scrap
WandWooden Stick

Those are all the Divinity Original Sin 2 recipes we've discovered so far! Have you found any others, or noticed any changes to the ingredients post-launch from their Early Access counterparts? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Last updated on October 21st, 2018


The Swornbreaker is a unique weapon in Divinity Origianl Sin 2. Combat-wise, it is not only very powerful, but it is also related to many quests and using it wisely can bring you lots of rewards even change the ending of the game. There are actually 2 in the game, so let’s take a look at just how to get them.

How To Get The Swornbreakers

There are two Swornbreakers in D:OS 2. One can be forged on Nameless Isle, one can be found in The Vault of Linder Kemm. To forge the Swornbreaker, you need three pieces, the tablet found in Ancient Temple (or recipe given by Ryker, or Almira), the shaft in Sallow Man’s war room, the blade in Academy Arena.

First Swornbreaker

To find the tablet, you need to explore the Blackpits Mine in Reaper’s Coast.

At the end of the Blackpits Mine, there is the gate to Ancient Temple. Use Pyro skills to destory the gate.

In the heart of Ancient Temple, there is a puzzle, and seven shrines of seven gods, you need to activate them in the correct order. The riddles are:

“Our first lord babes with power glowed, our second’s born in blood that flowed. Our third’s young to the wind returned, our fourth’s to glowing flames adjourn. Our fifth lord’s cubs with minds were blessed, our sixth’s had brawn beyond the rest. Our seventh’s brood spread from earth to glen, and thus no king shall rise again.”

The key to the puzzle is within a book on a corpse within the Ancient Temple chamber. It will say on the second page that each god is a representation of an element or power:

  • Rhalic-Earth
  • Duna-Air
  • Tir Cendelius-Blood
  • Zorl Stissa-Fire
  • Vrogir-muscle
  • Xantessa-Mind
  • Amadia-Magic

The correct order is: Amadia > Tir > Duna > Zorl > Xantessa > Vrogir > Rhalic

After you hit all the pillars in the correct order, an Eternal will appear, and have an interesting conversation with your god. You need to defeat the Eternal and her stalkers. Loot the place and you will find the tablet. (You can keep the tablet, or give it to Ryker or Almira for a recipe, either way you can create the Swornbreaker.)

The Nameless Isle has two necessary pieces of Swornbreaker, the first one can be found at Sallow Man’s war room.

East of the Temple of Rhalic, there is a troll guarding a cave:

Simply kill that troll, or pass a speech check to convince him to let you in the cave (you will gain 20,075XP for killing him). If you kill him, you will need to nuke him down as he regenerates around 3000 health per turn.

Enter the cave and either use the Cowl of the True Sight right after the altar, towards the fake wall, or interact with the altar and drop the head into it (this will not destroy the head, don’t worry). The path to the Sallow Man will be clear.

The swornbreaker piece is inside a chest at war room. Either you sneak there, or kill the Black Rings to get it.

Another piece of Swornbreaker can be found at Academy Arena (guarded by some Automatons):

Once you have all three pieces, you can combine them to create Swornbreaker.

Second Swornbreaker

The other Swornbreaker is in Lord Kemm’s Vault. To reach there, first you need to acquire the stolen painting form the thieves guild in Arx’s sewers.

(Entrance of Thieves Guild)

After you get the paintings, travel to Lord Kemm’s Garden, you need to pull a hidden lever in order to reveal the hatch to the vault.

After you pull the lever, enter the vault through that hatch:

(The hatch is hidden beneath the pool)

Inside Kemm’s Vault, there some automaton patrolling, either you sneak past them, or fight them. (you need to kill them with Source Vampirism)

At the end of the vault, cast Spirit Vision, and put the painting you acquired from thieves guild in the frame. This will unlock the door to a secret chamber.

Inside the chamber, there is a painting name Responsibility, take it with you.

Loot the chamber, then activate the book of the right shelf.

Behind the stone door, there is a hatch, which leads you to the shrine of the god king. After you finished talking with the god king, interact with the sign on the ground. It says “Only God King knows the weight of Responsibility“.

Put the painting named Responsibility on the altar, this will reveal the hatch to Arhu’s prison.

The Swornbreaker can be found on a statue.

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