Oblivion Rens Beauty Pack

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WARNING: This mod can cause decision fatigue while making new character.
WARNING 2: This is not tagged as 'Adult-only'. So no adult images are allowed.
Name: Ren's Beauty Pack Expanded Compilation
Version: 1.12
Date: 2017-06-29 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Category: Hair and Face Models/Misc.
Requirements: Shivering Isles, SI Patch
Author(s): Various, Compiled by LFact
Cosmetic Compilation based Ren's Beauty Pack and Capucine's Character Expansion. This does not make anyone beautiful automatically.
This is cosmetic compilation based on Ren's Beauty Pack and Capucine's Character Expansion. Just like good old 'Cosmetic Compilation', but with more hairs and eyes. Note that Capucine's eyes(meshes and textures) will replace default eyes. For Ren's Mystic Elves, they will keep their own eye meshes(Not many eyes are there, sadly).
Not all hairs and eyes available around internet are included. See 'Credits' to find out what assets are included. Since I did not pack all available assets(hey, the full package is almost 4.5GB, and even in compressed state, it's over 1GB), you should download each hairs/eyes(if they're not present in the package) and install them manually.
Recommended Mods
- Natural Faces or Improved Facial Textures for better age map
- Any body replacer, if you want.
- Any HiRez skin texture
- Optimized Facegen Files or Seamless Neckseams for better head/body EGT
- And Unofficial Oblivion Patch
1. Install this and all required Mods. (hair/eye addon plugins are not needed, and it's recommended to extract them to some temporary folder)
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary(Including copying/moving required resources to right places. To find out, you need to look into the plugin).
3. Copy files to (install folder)OblivionData
4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file(s).
1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.
- All meshes/textures for required Mods
- And any meshes/textures associated with this mod.
3. If you have character made with this mod, I recommend you to use 'fix hair/eye' function from Wrye Bash to avoid crash.
How to Use
1. After installed properly(you should install all assets required), just activate the plugin. It's not hard once installed.(And pack it in case of you want to reinstall it)
2. The extra hair and eye library plugin is for those who want to make own cosmetic mod, or whoever wants to merge it into other default race changing mod, such as 'Oblivion Character Overhaul'.
3. For Nehrim, I advise you to delete Ren's hairs and eyes(not extra eyes!) from library before working. It's for compatibility.
4. To add new hair/eyes to NPC(or making new NPC who uses custom hair/eyes), using this as master of your NPC plugin is suggested. Well, CS Extender will make it easier..
5. Some hairsets may have alternative hair textures. They're working as texture replacers, so backup default texture(of given hairstyle) before use them.
Incompatibility & Issues
1. This may not work with any default race changing mods(mostly). Of course, it may not be compatible with any other cosmetic mods(I'm sure it's incompatible even with original Ren's Beauty Pack and Capucine's Character Expansion).
2. With body mods, if a body mod uses plugin, use Wrye Bash to make bashed patch, or merge it to the cosmetic mod plugin with TES4Gecko or TES4Edit.
If it does not work, you can edit the plugin manually to make it work with any body replacer. You can use Construction Set or any other .esp editing tool. I recommend you to use TES4Edit, for you can compare several plugins that edit same record(s).
3. Due to difference of UV mapping between vanilla eye meshes and Ren's eye meshes, Mystic Elves can suffer from 'Googly Eyes' when he/she becomes vampire. There are some mods which disable vampire cosmetic(including eyes), use them if you don't want to see messed up eyes for your elves.
1. Many eye addons for default eye meshes do not have glow map. Capucine's Character Expansion used tweaked eye meshes(Really?), and it seems having glow map is a 'must'(I'm not sure). If you don't like eyes without glow map glowing, copy and rename noglow_g.dds under /textures/characters/eyes/(any eyes you want)/.
Glow map name should be like:
(filename)_g.dds or
if filename is A_B.dds, it can be A_g.dds
2. For Elveon's eyes, I used translator to translate a few names(original mod is in German), but the rest of the eyes remain untranslated. In fact, almost all of those untranslated color names are generic 'Blue, Green, Brown eyes'(and occasional Light~, Dark~ colors).
3. This mod does not have body textures for body replacers. You should get them separately(Especially for custom races).
4. Some records are dummy; They're placeholders for preventing some issues(FormID??) or reserving for future addtion(though current dummies are almost meaningless). If those dummy records are about some assets that cannot be distributed publicly, you should get the resource(don't ask where and how) and add them to plugin for yourself.
5. Several Japanese hairsets are disabled by default. You should check 'playable'(in Construction Set, of course) if you installed those hairs correctly. If not, leave them unchecked(it's for preventing some issue regarding missing hair meshes/textures).
6. Many eyes/hairs will remain 'private'(not included in distributed package) because: 1) I don't bother to get permission for being lazy. 2) I don't know how to contact the author(or the author is unreachable). 3) Some terms of use says like 'You can use it, but do not upload this asset on large community'. Sounds weird, but true(at least for one known hairset released public somewhere).
1.12 (2017-06-29)
- Added hepsy hairs 092~096. This compilation is already bloated, but my mind screams 'MOAR!'..
1.11 (2016-11-23~2016-11-24)
- Elysian's 'Male Hair Mod' is out of beta. I had already downloaded 2015 pack, but forgot to replace beta version with it.. FormIDs are changed as well. Another compatibility breaker(You should copy only hair resources. The path must be like meshes(textures)CharactersHairEHairStyle(filename). Delete beta version resources before install them).
1.1 (2016-11-21~2016-11-23)
- FormIDs of Kami Haitteru Vol.1 & MAIA hairs changed. (Will break compatibility)
- Added more hepsy's hairs(hepsy hair 71~91 and some extras).
- Added Chakaru's Belphe's Eyes.
- Added eyes from Dustinflan Eye Pack 2014.
1.01 (2014-10-30)
- File path of Pageboy hairset is fixed & changed.
- Q-Ta's Kami Haitteiru Vol.1 Added.
- MAIA hairs added.
1.0 Final (2014-09-28~2014-10-21)
- Released. This is not fully tested(I can't test it in-game), so may have bug.
- FormIDs of hairs/eyes are reassigned/rearranged by hand.
- Ren's eye textures are edited to have lighter shades. Credit to bnnfish for eye texture conversion tutorial.
- Centhena's extra Ren eye textures are converted to give more choice for Mystic Elves.
- Cats will have whiskers. - Credit to JazzJR and scanti(I think).
Ren's Beauty Pack
by -Ren-(aka Louis)
Capucine's Character Expansion
by Capucine
Ren's Eyes extra recolor(from Centhena's Eye Texture Pack)
by Centhena
conversion by LFact
Acid's Extravegent Eyes(includes Bloody & Serious Eyes)
by AcidOfShadow
Jeepers Creepers Peepers
by danburridge
Ethereal Eyes Universal Edition (alternative link)
by DagothBall
Elveon's Realistic Eyes
by elveon
rvg Eye Textures for default eyes(Human, Slit-pupil, Orc, Khajiit, Argonian)
by ravege
Ren's Eye Recolor Pack
Celestial Eyes Set
by Flonne
Hidden Elf Eyes(part of Hidden Elves)
by Korana
Koldorn's EyeTexture Resource
by Koldorn
Ardiga Wolfess' Real Eyes
by Wolfess
(Note: Original mod is in Russian)
original textures from Rankin's Eyescapes
Animal Eye Pack/Human Eye Pack/Time Lord Eye Pack
by geechan
C's Eyes Resources
Belphe's Eyes
by Chakaru11
Dragon Eyes & Oracle Eyes
by Cernasite
Eyes for the Elves
by Miss Onatopp
MP Vanilla Human Eyes
by Mike Priest
trollberserker's eyes
- Troll's Elf Eyes
- Natural Reptile Eyes for Argonians
Dustinflan's eyes(visit maxheartflan.com WARNING: 18+)
- Doll Eyes & Demonic Doll Eyes
- Cat's Eyes v3
- Gummy Eyes 222 & 318
- Pearl Eyes
- Slave Eyes Crystal, 310, 310 High
- Underdark May Eyes
- Wither and Withered Human Eyes
- Cataract Eyes
- Cloud 6x9 Eyes
- Diamond Cube Eyes
- Fishyfishy Eyes
- Haunt Eyes
- Moonstone Eyes
- Rush Eyes
- Samael Eyes
- Alien Eyes
- Babyfish Eyes
- Chrome Eyes
- Cut Eyes
- Frog Eyes
- Predator Eyes
- Scarab Eyes
- Shattered Eyes
- August MBR Eyes
- Birdhouse Eyes
- Cloudyjelly Eyes
- Jellyfish Eyes
- Oni Eyes
- Rainy Eyes
- Ruxy Eyes
Lucha's Eyes(visit Lucha's Grove to get eyes)
- Bright Eyes
- Vivid Eyes & Vivid Eyes Underground
- Wild Eyes
Com's Argonian Headstyles
by Comit
Babe hairs
Original hairs from Kozaburo's Digital Babes(http://digitalbabes.jp/)
(conversion)by Babe
Soya 4 Hair Pack
Original hairs from XM Sims
(conversion)by Soya
throttlekitty's Hair Pack
by throttlekitty
Kafei's Short Hair
by KafeiDotours
Colorable version by onitake
Braided Redguard Hair
by KafeiDotours
Hair addon by Zinni
(Note: The original mod is wig)
Colorable version by Room207
Corean race/Saram race/Sulhwa race
by idkrrr
Tweaked Corean hairs for Ren's head meshes by Ismelda
BW's Argonian Hair & Eyes
by Marsh-Brother
Blue Crest Hair
by Marsh-Brother
Male Hair Mod
by Elysian
PageBoy Hairset
by APMod
HS Hairset (original hairset download link is broken, though it is included)
KKK Hairset (Lop Ear Elf has all KKK hairs)
by Tennouji Yukisuke
RAN's Hair
by RAN
VB Hair
by VanillaBeans
hepsy Hairs
by hepsy
Kami Haitteiru Vol.1
by Q-Ta
by Dryad
CoolSims Hairs
original hair by Anto(http://coolsims.net/)
conversion by Sulpyun & Lucha
Cazy Hairs
original hair by Cazy(http://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Cazy/)
(some hairs are tweaked Anto's hair)
conversion by ziitch, male hair conversion by Maxim K.
Kijiko Hair Pack
original hair by Kijiko(http://kijiko.catfood.jp/)
conversion by Maxim K.
Newsea Hair Pack(visit maxheartflan.com)
original hair by Newsea(http://www.newseasims.com/)
conversion by Maxim K.
Skysims Hair Pack
original hair by Skysims(http://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Skysims/)
conversion by Maxim K.
Lapiz Hair Pack
original hair by Lapiz Lazuli(http://lapizrazuli.blogspot.com/)
conversion by Maxim K.
Skyhair for Oblivion
original hair by Geonox & Apachii
conversion by Maxim K.
Better Hair alpha v2
by Bluemax
Tweaked by Room207
Corwyn Wavy hair
Tweaked by Room207
Short Layered Hair
by kakashisensei2000
Various 2ch hairs(mainly derived from Ren's works)
Author(s): Usually remain Anonymous (Can you tell who is who?)
AGS Hairset(I used hairs included in Modular Beautiful People. If you wonder about Terms of Use, I included readme in archive, so read that)
by AGS
2ch Hair Explosion Set
Author: Anonymous?
More thanks to:
scanti for merged mouth/teeth and conformulator
ChaironDeCeleste for conformulated Ren's hair
shadeMe for CS Extender
Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop
Construction Set Extender
TES Construction Set
You can use it as basis for any cosmetic/race compilation mod without permission if you want to use it for personal use. If you want to make it public, at least give credit to original authors.
** Don't expect me to upload complete archive. If anyone packed all of them and intend to make it public, you may need permission from original authors by their terms of use.

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