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See more of Monster Hunter on Facebook. Forgot account? Create New Account. Community See All. 758,697 people like this. 763,588 people follow this. Joining your friends in Monster Hunter: World is easy once you know how to do it. We show you how to join an online session together, be it public or private, and how to go on quests.

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that a game called Monster Hunter: Worldis all about quests to hunt down and slay a variety of magical beasts. While there are plenty of toothy creatures with wings and tails, a few of the monsters on display are a little more surprising, like the equine Kirin.

Actually finding a Kirin to test your hunting ability has been a vexing prospect for new players, as it isn't immediately clear how to unlock the Kirin quests in Monster Hunter: World. The unlock procedure is pretty simple once you know where to go, however.

Unlocking Kirin in MH World


Monster Hunter World Squad Finder

Despite clearly being a lightning-infused unicorn, the Kirin is actually classified as an elder dragon, and is one of the earlier elder dragons you can come across in the game.

To unlock the quests to begin hunting Kirin, you have to talk to the biologists and clear out their capture quests. Kirin is found in the Coral Highlands area will be available to hunt after you complete the Odogaron quest.

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When you finally get to go after Kirin, the monster has four separate carves -- thunder horn, hide, mane, and tail -- and can also drop light crystals as a reward for finishing the quest.

Facing off against the Elder Dragon Kirin (thanks to RisingFunGaming for the screenshot)

Fighting Kirin in MH World

Kirin moves much differently than other creatures in Monster Hunter: World and bucks around wildly with a high rate of speed. Outrunning a Kirin isn't really an option, so you are sort of in for the long haul once you land the first blow.

Kirin's lightning attacks can paralyze your hunter, leaving you totally defenseless for a few seconds, so be sure to bring along some nullberries for this fight. To deal the most damage, attack the monster's head and horn rather than the more heavily armored body segments that are protected by lightning.

As an elder dragon, Kirin is particularly susceptible to elder seal weapons. If you want to plan ahead with your weaponry, the Kirin ailment and elemental weaknesses are as follows (0 is immune and 3 is highly vulnerable):

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  • Paralysis 0/3
  • Poison 1/3
  • Stun 1/3
  • Blast 2/3
  • Sleep 2/3
  • Thunder 0/3
  • Dragon 1/3
  • Ice 2/3
  • Water 2/3
  • Fire 3/3

Monster Hunter: World Kirin Weaknesses

Have any other tips for staying alive in a fight with the Kirin? Let us know in the comments section, and be sure to check out the rest of our Monster Hunter: World walkthroughs:

In Monster Hunter World, Squads are like Clans. Up to 50 players can join a Squad to go hunt together. They are invite-only or you can make your own.

How to Create Squad:

Monster Hunter Group Finder
  • Advance in the story until you unlock the Gathering Hub in Astera (play first few story assignments)
  • Head to the Gathering Hub in Astera. You can either fast travel there via the map, use the elevator or walk in through the gate on the upper level of Astera. Now talk to the “Squad Manager” NPC. She will let you create, abandon and manage squads.

In the Gathering Hub you can press Options-Button (Menu-Button on Xbox) -> go to “Communication” tab -> click “Squads” to invite other players in the session to your squad. There you can also switch the active squad, accept squad invites, add message and view member lists.

What Joining a Squad Does:

  • Gain access to a members-only Online Session
  • No need to input the session ID of your friends every time. If you want to play with friends frequently, a squad takes out the hassle.
  • Get a squad icon and name above your character’s name and on your Guild Card
  • Be able to leave messages for squad mates even if they’re not online

Non-squad members can join a squad’s Online Session via invitation or by entering the Online Session ID.

You can join a squad by creating your own, or by being invited by another player while in the Gathering Hub. You can belong to up to 8 squads at once, so feel free to team up with different groups of friends and other hunters with common goals. Only squad leaders have permission to invite and remove members from the squad.

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