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Skyrim Special Edition is out with swathe of pre existing mods and great deal of game breaking cheat codes. By using these cheat codes, you can take advantage on spawn items, activate God Mode, unlock perks and NoClip mode etc. In this guide we have given Skyrim Special Edition cheat codes to unlock the weapons, armors etc. So let's check out the list without any further ado.

Asset use permission in mods/files that are being sold You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms; Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points You must get permission to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets.

  • Skyrim Special Edition is the second Bethesda games to enable mods on console, and it can be quite a daunting prospect for people who have never encountered a system like this before. If you're on.
  • Skyrim Special Edition is out with swathe of pre existing mods and great deal of game breaking cheat codes. By using these cheat codes, you can take advantage on spawn items, activate God Mode.

Skyrim Special Edition Cheat And Console Commands:

  • gm - God Mode
  • tcl - Turn NoClip mode on and off.
  • tai - Toggle all NPC AI on and off.
  • tim - Immortal Mode
  • unlock - Unlock selected door and chest.
  • tfc - Enable free-roaming camera.
  • tm - Toggles menus and UI on and off.
  • setscale [1 to 10] - Alters size of target object.
  • tcai - Toggle NPC combat AI on and off.
  • kill - Kills non-essential targets.
  • killall - Kill all non-essential NPCs in area.
  • tmm 1 - Shows all markers on map.
  • sexchange - Change target NPC or character's gender.
  • tdetect - AI won't detect you. No effect on pick-pocketing detection.
  • player.resethealth - Restore all player health.
  • getlevel - Shows level of the target NPC or foe.
  • ressurect [#] - Revive dead NPC target
  • addshout [shout code] - Unlock selected shout.
  • player.addspell [spell code] - Add selected spell.
  • setessential [object code] [#] - Make NPC mortal [0] or immortal [1].
  • movetoqt [quest code] - Warp to quest location and target
  • player.addperk [perk code] - Unlock selected perk.
  • IncPCS [skill name] - Increase designated skill by one stage.
  • player.placeatme [object code] - Spawn an item or NPC near.
  • player.additem [item code] [#] - Add selected number of items to inventory.

All Daedric Artifact ID Codes:

  • Ebony Blade - 0004A38F
  • Mehrunes' Razor - 000240D2
  • Oghma Infinium - 0001A332
  • Ring of Namira - 0002C37B
  • Volendrung - 0002ACD2
  • Azura's Star - 00063B27
  • The Black Star - 00063B29
  • Savior's Hide - 0002AC61
  • Dawnbreaker - 0004E4EE
  • Wabbajack - 0002AC6F
  • Sanguine Rose - 0001CB36
  • Skeleton Key - 0003A070
  • Mace of Molag Bal - 000233E3
  • Masque of Clavicus Vile - 000D2846
  • Daedra Heart - 0003AD5B
  • Skull of Corruption - 00035066
  • Spellbreaker - 00045F96

Weapon ID Codes:


  • Chillrend (46+) - 000F8318
  • Dragonbone Sword - XX014FCE
  • Nightingale Blade (46+) - 000F6527
  • Daedric Sword - 000139B9
  • Windshear - 0006EA8B
  • Ghostblate - 00094A2B
  • Miraak's Sword (60+) - XX039FB4
  • Dawnbreaker - 0004E4EE
  • Dragonbane (46+) - 000F71D0


  • Wabbajack - 9B2B2
  • Sanguine Rose - 0001CB36
  • Miraak's Staff - XX039FA6
  • Skull of Corruption - 00035066

Bows and Arrows:

  • Auriel's Bow - XX000800
  • Zephyr - XX00CFB6
  • Nightingale Bow - 000F652C
  • Daedric Arrow - 000139C0
  • Dragonbone Arrow - XX0176F4
  • Daedric Bow - 000139B5
  • Dragonbone Bow - XX0176F1


  • Daedric Dagger - 000139B6
  • Mehrunes' Razor - 000240D2
  • Blade of Woe - 0009CCDC
  • Valdyr's Lucky Dagger - 000B994E
  • Maces, Warhammers and Axes:
  • Daedric Battleaxe - 000139B4
  • Dragonbone Battleaxe - 02014FC3
  • Stalhrim Battleaxe - XX01CDB8
  • Wuuthrad - 000956B5
  • Mace of Molag Bal - 000233E3
  • Daedric War Axe - 000139B3
  • Dragonbone War Axe - XX014FCF
  • Stalhrim War Axe - XX01CDB9
  • Daedric Mace - 000139B8
  • Daedric Warhammer - 000139BA
  • Dragonbone Warhammer - XX014FD0
  • Volendrung - 0002ACD2

Armour and Shield ID Codes:

Deathbrand Armor set:

  • Deathbrand Gauntlets - XX02401C
  • Deathbrand Armor - XX02401B
  • Deathbrand Boots - XX02401A
  • Deathbrand Helm - XX02401D

Guild Master's Armor set:

  • Guild Master's Armor - 000D3ACC
  • Guild Master's Boots - 000D3ACB
  • Guild Master's Gloves - 000D3ACD
  • Guild Master's Hood - 000D3ACE

Daedric Armor set:

  • Daedric Boots - 0001396A
  • Daedric Armor - 0001396B
  • Daedric Helmet - 0001396D
  • Daedric Shield - 0001396D
  • Daedric Gauntlets - 0001396C

Bonemold Armor set:

Skyrim Se Inventory Mod

  • Improved Bonemold Helmet - XX03AB23
  • Improved Bonemold Shield - XX03AB24
  • Improved Bonemold Armor - XX03AB26
  • Improved Bonemold Boots - XX03AB25
  • Improved Bonemold Gauntlets - XX03AB22

Dragonplate Armor set:

  • Dragonplate Helmet - 00013969
  • Dragonplate Shield - 00013968
  • Dragonplate Armor - 00013966
  • Dragonplate Boots - 00013965
  • Dragonplate Gauntlets - 00013967

Dragonscale Armor set:

  • Dragonscale Armor - 0001393E
  • Dragonscale Boots - 0001393D
  • Dragonscale Helmet - 00013940
  • Dragonscale Shield - 00013941
  • Dragonscale Gauntlets - 0001393F

Stalhrim Light Armor set:

  • Stalhrim Light Armor - XX01CDA2
  • Stalhrim Light Boots - XX01CD7E
  • Stalhrim Light Bracers - XX01CDA5
  • Stalhrim Light Helmet - XX01CDA3
  • Stalhrim Shield - XX026237

Nightingale Armor set (32+):

  • Nightingale Boots - 000FCC0D
  • Nightingale Gloves - 000FCC11
  • Nightingale Armor - 000FCC0F
  • Nightingale Hood - 000FCC12

Check out our Skyrim Special Edition PC error guide to know the fix for all launch issues: Black Screen On Startup, Transfer Old Saves, Skip Intro, Low FPS

Original Flavor

Looking for mods for the original version of Skyrim? We've selected over 100 of the best mods for improved visuals and optimization, new quests and locations, roleplaying and immersion, creatures and NPCs, and much more. Our list is here.

Since the last time we updated our list of the best Skyrim Special Edition mods the Skyrim Script Extender has been made compatible with it. You can download it here (it'll be labelled 'Current SE build'). Turn off automatic updates for Skyrim Special Edition once it's installed, as the creation club still receives patches which routinely break the Script Extender until modders update it.

With the Script Extender modders can now alter this version of Bethesda's RPG as drastically as Oldrim. Near-essentials like SkyUI are now available in this slightly prettier (it does have nicer shadows), and more stable (you can alt-tab as much as you like) version of Skyrim. To be fair, there were other changes as well, like these.

If you're playing the Skyrim Special Edition and looking for the best mods available, look no further. Some of these mods can be found on Bethesda's site and downloaded while in-game, but the links we'll post all point to the repository at Nexus Mods. Mods added in the latest update of this list have been marked with a ⭐.

Vortex ⭐

For downloading, installing, and managing these mods and others, we recommend Vortex. It's an extremely useful utility, and it works with a number of other games like Fallout 3 and 4, The Witcher series, the Darks Souls games, XCOM 2, and lots more.

SkyUI ⭐

The heavens parted, golden saints sang, and SkyUI was finally supported by Skyrim Special Edition. This interface replacer makes Skyrim feel like it was designed for mouse controls, and lets you filter and sort inventory based on weight, value, damage and the like. Also adds an in-game mod configuration menu several other mods rely on.

A Quality World Map ⭐

Skyrim's map is functional but boring. A Quality World Map offers multiple ways to fix it. It can replace the map with a much more detailed world texture, with colors that help delineate the separate areas much more obviously, but there's also an option to have a paper map, with a more Oblivion look, if that's your thing.

Legacy of the Dragonborn ⭐


Adds a gallery you can fill with unique items, a museum to your achievements that is also a library, a storage facility, a questline of its own, and a place to learn archeology complete with its own perks. While the original version of this Skyrim mod has been adapted across from Oldrim, there's also an update in the works specifically for Special Edition which will remap the building to make it larger and more like a real museum. It won't be compatible with the current version, so it might be worth holding off until Legacy V5 comes out.

The Asteria Dwemer Airship ⭐

There are player home mods to suit all tastes, but the Asteria is a particularly nice one—a flying ship with all mod cons, by which I mean storage space and crafting tables. It's permanently docked, however, and can't be moved around, though it does have a teleporter for a more immersive alternative to fast-travel. Flyable skyship mods still haven't made the jump over from vanilla Skyrim, unfortunately.

Inigo ⭐

Maybe you don't think a blue Khajiit who follows you around commenting on everything and being sarcastic about Lydia is what Skyrim needs, but trust us on this. Inigo is a follower with tons of dialogue, some tied to his own questline and more that crops up at appropriate times depending on the location you're at. He can be told where to go and what to do by whistling, and will follow you even if you've got an existing companion, chatting away with them thanks to skilfully repurposed voice lines.

Unofficial Skyrim Patch

This mod is a compendium of hundreds of fixes for bugs, text, objects, items, quests, and gameplay elements assembled by prolific modder Arthmoor. The patch is designed to be as compatible as possible with other mods. If you've got a few hours, you can read through the patch notes.

Opening Scene Overhaul

This mod, by elderscrolliangamer, changes and enhances Skyrim's opening sequence by restoring dialogue that Bethesda chose to cut, but which is still present in the game files. With that content restored, you'll learn more about the world you're preparing to inhabit by listening in on additional conversations and seeing full sequences that were snipped before release. Best of all, if you choose to side with the Stormcloaks, you'll actually be able to escape Helgen with Ulfric himself at your side.

Open Cities

It's more than a little immersion-breaking in Skyrim to enter a city through a gate and encounter a loading screen. Open Cities, by Arthmoor, aims for more of a Morrowind feel: the cities aren't instances, they're part of the larger world. Stroll right in—or ride in on horseback—without a break in your experience, and these cities will feel more like real places than loaded-in maps.

Phenderix Magic World

This impressively robust magic mod adds new locations like The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the magical town of Manantis, and even a new magical dimension to explore. It also adds hundreds of new spells from all schools of magic, plus lots of magic weapons, over a dozen new followers, and a quest to get you started.

Alternate Start—Live Another Life

If you're playing Special Edition, you're starting from scratch whether you're a newcomer to Skyrim or a veteran. Why not start your new game as someone other than the Dragonborn? Alternate Start—again, by Arthmoor—is a roleplaying mod that gives you choices on how you'd like to begin your next playthrough. Are you a patron at in inn, a visitor arriving by boat, a prisoner in a jail cell, or the member of a guild? You can start as a soldier, an outlaw, a hunter, or even a vampire. It's a great way to re-experience Skyrim from a different perspective.

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

This mod by cloudedtruth adds thousands of lines of voiced dialogue for NPCs, directed at making you feel as if you have a closer and more personal relationship with followers and friends. Your spouse, if you have one, will no longer sound like a random follower, but address you in a more personal manner, and those you've angered will have a host of new insults to hurl your way.

Diverse Dragons Collection

Despite the Special Edition's visual overhaul, its dragons are still a bit ho-hum. This mod, contributed to by a large collection of modders, adds 28 new and unique dragons with different models and textures, and capable of over a dozen new breath attacks and abilities. The dragons come in different ranks as well, to ensure you have a challenge no matter what your level.

Best Inventory Mod Skyrim Special Edition

Achievements Mod Enabler

Just because you're modding doesn't mean you're cheating (necessarily). So why does the SSE disable achievements if you've got mods running? Stick it to 'em by using this plugin from xSHADOWMANx that allows you to earn achievements even while using mods.

Static Mesh Improvements

While the SSE adds plenty of enhanced visuals, it doesn't do a thing to improve the original game's low-poly meshes. This mod edits hundreds of 3D models placed in thousands of different locations for items like furniture, clutter, architectural elements, and landscape objects to make them look nicer and more realistic.

Total Character Makeover

Skyrim's NPCs already looked dated when the game was first released, and they certainly haven't aged well. The SSE might improve the looks of the world, but it doesn't touch its citizens, so this mod from Scaria should be on your list. It gives everyone in the game (including your avatar) a facelift with more detailed textures that won't kneecap your framerate, and without making characters look out of place.

True 3D Sound for Headphones

'This mod enables true 3D sound for Skyrim SE by using a so called HRTF to simulate binaural hearing using normal stereo headphones. You will hear exactly from which direction a sound is coming from.' I don't know exactly what that first sentence means, but I understand the second one. Make the SSE more realistic for your ears with this mod from CptYouaredead.

You also might want to check out Immersive Sounds.

Frostfall and Campfire

Download link (Frostfall)
Download link (Campfire)

Looking to turn SSE into a survival experience? Then bundle up and look no further. These mods from Chesko make the frosty world of Skyrim more dangerous yet more immersive and enjoyable with a system that makes you manage your temperature in the cold climate. Hypothermia is an issue, especially if you swim through icy water, so you'll have to dress warmly, and camping elements include craftable tents, torches, and other gear. There's even a crafting skill system.

Also, check out Wet and Cold, which adds weather-dependent visual effects and sounds.

Cutting Room Floor

Another big mod from Arthmoor restores loads of content that exists in SSE's data files but wasn't implemented in the game. Numerous locations, NPCs, dialogue, quests, and items have been brought into the light, and the game is richer for it.

The Forgotten City

Skyrim's got lots of adventure, but here's about 10 hours more courtesy of writer and developer Nick Pearce. Play detective and solve a murder mystery while exploring a massive, ancient city. It's got excellent, award-winning writing, a non-linear story, fantastic voice acting by a large cast, an enjoyable original soundtrack, and even a touch of time travel. Here's our write-up of it.

Ars Metallica—Smithing Enhancement

Unless you're playing as a metal-plated tank who swings an enormous two-handed sword around, there's not a lot of use for smithing. Archers, thieves, and other stealthy characters have no issues finding light armor on their adventures, so there's never been much reason to make it themselves. This mod by Arthmoor gives slippery sorts reasons to learn smithing, by letting them forge arrows, lockpicks, and guild-specific armor, as well as melt down bulkier armor they'd never actually wear into ingots.