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I have installed ENB, and ReShade on gta v. When i used them to install a graphics enhancer mod, it corrupted my files and i completely want to uninstall the modded game, and reinstall the vanilla game. When i go in to steam and press delete local files, it asks me if i want to uninstall the game, and i click yes.

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I'm looking for a good, reliable way to remove all of my mods from Skyrim. My game has gotten a bit cluttered with content, so I figure I want to start fresh with a vanilla Skyrim and just work toward getting a decent amount of mods that don't end up driving me insane. The last time I did this, I uninstalled Skyrim completely, but I'm not a big fan of losing my saves again, and there were still a few location mods that found a way to stick around through the second installation.

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Of course, there's always the possibility that I did something wrong last time, but I was wondering if there were any good ways to wipe the game of all mods without corrupting or deleting saves, or somehow damaging the game in any other way.