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Gems of War

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Release Date(s)

iOS - Oct 29, 2014
Gems Of War Cheats

PC (Steam) - Nov 20, 2014
Android - June 18, 2015
PS4 - Nov 16, 2015
Xbox One - Nov 16, 2015

Current Version(s)

PC (Steam) - 4.3.5
Gems of war xbox cheats

Android/iOS - 4.3.5
PS4/Xbox One - 4.3.5



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    • Challenges
  • Minigame
    • Explore
Gems Of War Cheats
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Google Play Achievements

This title has a total of 59 Google Play Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Finish a Pet Rescue EventA Friend in Need
Feed a Pet to Level 20A Friend Indeed
Unlock a FactionA Whole New (Under)World
Capture 5 Kingdoms.Arch Duke
Successfully invade an enemy.Brawler
Reached Level 100Centurion
Defeat any Challenge.Challenger
Master any Challenge.Champion
Unlock 300 unique TroopsColonel Muster'd
Reach rank 1 as an Invader.Conqueror
Train any troop to level 20Counselor
Unlock the Troop 'Xathenos'Dark Ritual
Win a Defense battle.Defender
Complete a Delve with No CasualtiesDie Another Day
Reached level 10Double Digits
Reach the Highest Renown Possible in a Single FactionExalted
Change your costume.Fashionista
Unlock the Troop 'Mongo'Game Breaker
Unlock 50 different TroopsGeneral
Reach rank 10 as an Invader.Gladiator
Deal 505 Damage to the Boss in a single Raid Boss eventGodslayer
Reached Level 50Golden Jubilee
Unlock 100 different TroopsHordemaster
Reach Kingdom Power Level 5I Have the Power
Complete all progress events in a single weekI'm Not Scared Of The Boogeyman
Defeat 6 Dooms in a single Tower of Doom eventIDDQD
Reach 1,000 Total Underworld RenownKind of a Big Deal
Capture 15 Kingdoms.King of Kings
Reach level 500Master of Strength
Train any troop to level 10.Mentor
Reach Level 1000Millennial
Ascend a troop to MythicMythical Creature
Use a Weapon's Spell with an AffixNow This is a Knife
Explore any kingdomObtainer of Rare Antiquities
Defeat a paragon opponent in Guild WarsOlympus Has Fallen
Reach level 250Onwards and Upwards
Reach 5,000 Total Underworld RenownPeople Know Me
Have a kingdom power of at least 1 Gold StarPower Up
Capture 10 Kingdoms.Prince Regent
Reach 250 wins for a hero classProfessor Campbell Would Be Proud...
Unlock 10 different TroopsRabble Rouser
Unlock 25 different TroopsRaid Leader
Reach rank 5 as an Invader.Reaver
Capture 2 Kingdoms.Robber Baron
Raise an Underworld Treasure Hoard to Level 50Scrooge McMoa
Upgrade each of your Guild Wars Sentinels at least once in a single Guild WarSentinel Prime
Win a Vault BattleShiny Distraction
Defeat 50 Towers in a single Invasion eventSiegebreaker
Reached Level 25Silver Platter
Unlock 200 different TroopsSoul Legion
Finish the Tutorial.Student
Join a Guild.Team Player
Complete all guild tasks in a single weekTeam Synergy
Capture 20 kingdomsThe Emperor
Equip any hero classThe Hero's Journey
Unlock 5 FactionsThe Land Down Under
Complete all of your Guild Wars battles in a single weekThe Other Side of Dawn
Finish a Treasure Hunt with 2 or more VaultsTreasure Hunter
Get to Champion Level 50 in a Single ClassWe are the Champions

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