Elder Scrolls Online Ps4 Glitches

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  1. Elder Scrolls Online Ps4 Glitches Free

The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

Elder Scrolls Online Ps4 Glitches Free

Elder Scrolls Online Ps4 Glitches

No problems detected at The Elder Scrolls Online

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The Elder Scrolls Online problems in the last 24 hours

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at The Elder Scrolls Online. Are you experiencing issues or an outage?Leave a message in the comments.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • DonThomasTattoos (@TattoosDon) reported

    @TESOnline I keep getting login error server timed out I was able to get in once and it took me to character creation screen. I have 5 characters already. I've tried everything

  • Michel Cote (@cotemick) reported

    @TESOnline I tried your online service, i dont know my secret answers, i need help.

  • dc_aika (@dc_aika) reported

    @BethesdaSupport I have an issue logging in @TESonline thru Steam. And, it looks like I'm not the only one. #ESO

  • Purple & Black (@UMPalot46) reported

    @Lady_Arsenic_ Yeah, I play Elder Scrolls Online with hundreds of players right after the crashes, with no problems.

  • Sunshine (@frauheidekraut) reported

    @TESOnline @AlcastHQ WTB bug fixes for broken area effect de-syncs and phantom mobs running across the room. Kthxbai

  • Pettersson = Generational (@JoshZapper) reported

    **** your support system @TESOnline Very frustrated with this game due to the launcher consistently having issues or spewing BS Errors

  • Keeka (@Keekalakookoo) reported

    @skymagpie @frazzled_fox @TESOnline That it's not that, but I'd rather not say out in the open how the exploit does work. :) I'm sure there will be a fix one way or another.

  • Zein Ysn (@YsnZein) reported

    @TESOnline I got the game from @steam_games on Friday and everytime I launch the game its stuck on Requesting Login restarted steam app also run with administration and restarted the computer but nothing is working

  • Delongest (@Delongest_tv) reported

    Interesting changes...@ZeniMax_Online but no talks of the quality of life problem. The LAG @TESOnline Start over and try again

  • Patricia Barton (@Trish0828) reported

    @TESOnline There is a problem here. I want everything I don't have and I'm flat broke! 😢 Oh well, maybe it can be incentive for me to work harder and for more hours. Except the more hours I work, the less time I have for play. Conundrums...

  • Stuart M Davies (@shademoriquenda) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline From chasing it up I have the following info If you have not been able to claim a Daily Login Reward, please note that Customer Support is not able to advance the Daily Login reward calendar.1/2

  • Lord wolf bone (@WoeWolf) reported

    @AskPS_UK I'm having a issue where I cnat buy the digital version of elder scrolls online, it says it's unavailable because I already own it, I dont own a digital version other than the free trial, and I cant buy the digital version.

  • Shad (@ShadVEVO) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Okay Fix 76

  • Drip$et Drew (@DangerZone392) reported

    @TESOnline How’s about a lag fix first tho please 😬

  • Mahou Shoujo Emma 🎀 (@GetBefriended) reported

    @Schoolgirls_ I really didnt understand what I was supposed to be getting out of the Morrowind experience i didnt know what an elder scrolls was so I can see how me aimlessly putting around the early areas helped me never experience its major issues

  • Stephen Brown (@HonestGamer97) reported

    @dazzaw17 @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I haven’t been able to play mine properly in like 3 weeks on the Xbox one X. The lag and frame rate is so bad.

  • vinceersomethin (@Int3rnetPers0n) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline crap ton of websites are down for me, saying 502 bad gateway cloudfare, I think any website using cloudfare anti-ddos is down but idk.

  • Rieces Weirder (@rieabz) reported

    @Juggaloopy @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I agree. My hubby wasn't able to get it either due to the issues and he's not pleased.

  • Direkneed (@direkneed) reported

    I can't get the final month reward due to yesterdays maintenance. Worked from 8 till 8pm and came home not being able to login! @TESOnline Fudge!

  • peter (@Ninja_peter111) reported

    I am so sad rn cause my pc decide to stop working and idk what the problem is or how much it’s gonna cost to fix or how long it will take so I won’t be able to play @DestinyTheGame or @TESOnline on my days off like I was wanting to:(

  • Brethil (@SerinaSilver) reported

    @AEDaedroth @TESOnline that‘s why i play on na:) no problems at all😎

  • Molten Steel🔞 (@Mol10Steel) reported

    My biggest problem with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the fact that elves are ******* hideous in it, without mods anyway. I like my elves as nature intended, capricious sloots.

  • robeson1070 (@robeson1070) reported

    Loading screen in the middle of a pledge dungeon pull as a tank. 10 frames. Audio catching up like 5 seconds later. Not seeing enemies or being able to direct target for 20 seconds. 'You Don't Have Any Bait', even though I have tons. Time to release the xbox fix @TESOnline !

  • Erica (@Erica_RPereira) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline my first month! .. didnt get my final daily reward.. I least you could give some time to grab it... I was thinking about subscribing eso plus but its the third time I have no game.. So you cause me trust issues

  • Mick van Rhee (@Micknator) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Too late for yesterday's login reward unfortunately

  • Joufflu (@MrJoufflu) reported

    @LogitechG @TESOnline cause I love to PVP with lag

  • Ava Aelius (@AvaAelius) reported

    @ExpAwesome This has been a massive issue in lore-focused Elder Scrolls communities for almost a decade, if not longer. A former Bethesda writer who was extremely influential in establishing the Elder Scrolls lore-proper(so post-Battlespire) stayed active in the community after leaving.

  • Gregory Christopher (@Gregory08281907) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Xbox users found away to clear the 'lag'Xbox settings>power&energy mode>turn off or restart>turn off>yes

  • David Bentz Jr. (@dbentzjr) reported

    Its a shame that I uninstalled Elder Scrolls Online from my pc tonight, but I did what was best for me and everyone else because I LOVE that game but the community has become a toxic environment because the PVP is so broken, still broken after YEARS of asking for fixes. moving on

  • Ori VB (@OrignalVB) reported

    @Piachuchumothaf @danalkhan12 @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline This kind of shit happens only once in WoW: during the launch of a new extension. I'm not excusing anything, but there are already more causes in this case than for Bethesda who makes everything crash with a minor patch ...

  • Efarys (@Efarys1) reported

    @TomKing89 @Dalitrox @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline The problem is that it doesn't happen on American servers. And when it does it's not that often.

  • Stephen Clark #notabot (@GreenSparkley) reported

    So after 5 years zenimax still break elder scrolls online with every update. They still didnt fix the leaderboards for the trials and now you cant login at all. They charge for this level of incompetence too.

  • Vanella Mead (@Ynys) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline No problem, but it would be good to get the daily reward as I can't get in to claim it :(

  • TK (@TomKing89) reported

    @GRedstorm @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline you cant have tried very hard for the senche drop because I got that and my crates no issue when I opened a support ticket to say they were missing

  • Beth Smith (@Zebralover1000) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I better still have my daily reward. I haven't been able to log in due to log in problems.

  • undead one (@obuza_ba) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Won't be original here but also not appreciate that I miss today's daily login reward. At least you stopped to put cosmetics reward on 30th day of month, thanks for that...

  • Romeo B. (@Gehrman13) reported

    @TESOnline the game runs so bad on console there's constant lags and huge fps drops. I love this game so much if I didn't like it this much I would honestly stop playing it because of the lags PLEASE FIX IT !!!

  • Froggo⚔🛡 (@Arcane367) reported

    @timgthomas @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Nope. Same as you and many others. Ever since Elsewyr was released, everything became pure lag. Can't even do dungeons.

  • Matt (@uk_peck) reported

    @QuinnRoot @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I too thought it was my internet that was the problem. Even contacted my ISP to find out what they knew.

  • 🐉📚DiniTheAuthor💀🇨🇦🇬🇧 (@DemonalityBooks) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline After repeated error that MY internet is the issue, it is in fact THEIR shit server maintenance that is the real issue. It's almost like our subscription money is being used for something other than server maintenance...😑#wheresmycompensation

  • Annesia Lightwood-Bane ➰🔜 MCM Manchester (@SimplyAnnesia) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Missing out on my daily login. Not impressed.

  • John Neary (@GRedstorm) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Announced it after I asked the Q. Oh and yet again it's only the EU server that's buggered. Daily reward lost for us again. I expect that to be handed over btw. Fair credit your customer service for the EU server players is actually woeful. I'm still owed the E3 Senche drop😡

  • Mick van Rhee (@Micknator) reported

    @reke_wasowski @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline They should just give everyone the login reward from today, regardless if they logged in or not.

  • サアドアブドラ ™ (@iS3Di) reported

    i think i'm gonna make an NA character cause its clear that @TESOnline don't give a shit about EU , always having problems

  • Tony Drake (@Juggaloopy) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I do hope you'll allow us to claim the daily login reward we'll miss out on due to problems at your end, #TESOffline

  • Harvey De Loor (@M0vielover) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline i want my daily login

  • Clout Daddy (@uMaddHuh) reported

    @TESOnline Oh yeah fix the servers too it was all good in the morning then went to shit

  • Stijn Wildeboer (@WildeboerStijn) reported

    @TESOnline I am looking to get the log back on in the game achievement but error 201 seems to be a meanie to the EU servers

  • starspun is on fire 🔥 (@heystarspun) reported

    Well, that's a bummer. It's finally time to play @TESOnline, and the EU login turns out to have been dead for over two hours. I don't wanna lose out on the very first daily login reward of July!

  • Ohlzz (@Ohlzz1) reported

    Shame that EU are the region @BethesdaSupport should support most but are the ones experiencing the problems with @TESOnline :( #TESOL

  • Matt (@uk_peck) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Please confirm that we won't lose our daily login reward due to the problem being on your end.

  • Kothakk (@Kothakk1) reported

    @NewtonProducti1 @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline They have a track record of creating new problems each patch/maintence. As a EU player this gets old fast.

  • drmandarin (@drmandarin) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline What a surprise. Once again login issues after a patch drops. Good thing this isn't a buy-to-play game or it would be very embarrassing for you. Oh wait. This happens very frequently, now's a good time to tell us your plans for missed login reward compensation.

  • Bon Cerlas (@BCerlas) reported

    @TESOnline Been trying to log onto eu servers for 50 mins now and still can't, but I can log into na with no problems...

  • Animar12 (@Animar125) reported

    @TESOnline can't log into game on EU server saying error 201

  • Gannon 25 Days (@Ganonndorf14) reported

    @xVilesx I'm enjoying it. It does feel like an Elder Scrolls game just not as developed since it's an MMO. But we'll see. I mean, I'll have game pass so I don't see the issue with playing it while I keep game pass.

  • JC♦️ (@JacobAClark13) reported from Euless, Texas

    Crash on exiting the cave at Helgen was a sure enough sign from the divines that #Skyrim is over. Guess I'll wait for the next Elder Scrolls.

  • Eduardo (@Eduardo19223193) reported

    @TESOnline After the today update I can't login any more.. appearing an error 201.. I don't know what to do.

  • Laulu (@LauluKotD) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline more than 1 hour downtime is not acceptable for ANY buy to play game. Having a backup server with a queue or having the NA login server help the EU server processing the logins. That is just plain inacceptable.

  • Christopher Fell (@Chris_W_Fell) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I'm getting constant error 201 right now. PC/EU. At least I picked up my daily login bonus at 1am.

A God mod in most combat or first person shooter games is a divine gift that will render you indestructible for moments. Since most games rarely have this invincible mode, it is up to you, the player to use hacks or cheat codes that make you invincible. In this case, Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) God Mode is all about how you play as there is no specific cheat code for this moment. This is a PS4 god mode and will probably work on PC and Xbox One.

This is an occasional glitch that happens when you get stuck in an overload attack. Check out the video below to see how it happens and how to trigger it.

Elder Scrolls Online God Mode Explainer Video

Becoming a Vampire in ESO

A controllable alternative to this glitch-induced god mode is contracting the Vampire disease. How do you do this? Easy, find vampires in an advanced level zone of Tamriel and let it bight you or just walk into special sites that have a crescent moon symbol.

After this, complete the Scion of the Blood Matron quest to turn or simply cure yourself of the disease. Be warned that being a vampire makes you vulnerable to fire and you will spend health, not magicka, to cast vampire skills.

  • Stage 1 (30 minutes): +50% fire damage weakness
  • Stage 2 (60 minutes): -25% health regeneration, +50% fire damage weakness, -20% health cost to vampirism skills
  • Stage 3 (90 minutes): -50% health regeneration, +50% fire damage weakness, -40% health cost to vampirism skills
  • Stage 4 (90+ minutes): -75% health regeneration, +50% fire damage weakness, -60% health cost to vampirism skills

ESO Emotes Commands

Here is an additional list of console commands that will give you corresponding emote reactions.