Batman Arkham Origins Cheat Codes

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This page collects Cheats and Secrets in Batman: Arkham Origins, including Easter Eggs, hidden messages, strange occurrences, and some pretty surreal glitches. Be warned that several of these Easter Eggs include plot spoilers.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Cheats. Big Head Mode. The code is the same as the one in Arkham City Batman and all enemies will have big heads Take out the cryptographic sequencer and hold L1 and R2. Rotate the right analog clockwise, do this until Batman's head becomes big. Contributed By: WWEISREAL and DeviantXIII.

Cheat codes for batman arkham origins

This page collects Cheats and Secrets in Batman: Arkham Origins, including Easter Eggs, hidden messages, strange occurrences, and some pretty surreal glitches. Be warned that several of these Easter Eggs include plot spoilers.

When you're done here, be sure to visit our Collection of DC Universe References scattered around the world of Arkham Origins.


on 'The Final Offer' Penguins personal ship you can find on a wall a little flyer from Jonathan Crane AKA Scarecrow he's advertising a research study and looking for participants, although this is a prequel and arkham asylum doesnt exist yet it's a fact crane has always been obsessed with fear, and he started off experimenting on subjects, to induce and study fear.


In the Batcave you can find a small construction of what will be the Batmobile which appears in the previous Arkham Games, easy to find, but easy to miss as well.

finding bruce wayne's parents[edit]

Batman wouldn’t be Batman if his parents didn’t die- keeping in line with that tradition in Batman Arkham Origins you can go back to the exact place where mommy and daddy Wayne were killed.

jingle bells, batman smells[edit]

In the final Blackgate encounter, Joker sings a bar of the “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” song popularized by the Simpsons. Mark Hamill's Joker sings it in his first appearance in Batman The Animated Series. They are actually the first lines he performs (as Joker) in the acclaimed series.

Cyrus Pickney Plaques[edit]

Legendary architect Cyrus Pickney's legacy can be uncovered through a series of Collectible Plaques cunningly hidden throughout the map.


Before encountering the Penguin on the Final Offer, you come across a scale model of the ship in a display case. The accompanying dialogue from the Penguin reveals that the Final Offer was originally called the Olivia B. Meredith - a reference to Burgess Meredith (real name: Oliver Burgess Meredith), the actor who portrayed the Penguin in the 1960's Batman television show.


In the Sionis Steel Mill, located in the loading bay depot, there are books on a desk that says 'Cheshire,' 'David Cain' and 'Black Spider' on them with red REJECTED stamps on them.

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a young reference of the future[edit]

You can spot an apartment belonging to Dr. Penelope Young who later appears in Batman: Arkham Asylum in Lacey Towers before working the Black Mask crime scene.

aaron cash's locker[edit]

Batman Arkham Origins Cheat Codes For Xbox 360

Inside the G.C.P.D. building near the control room, there are several lockers strewn about. One of them is open and contains open case files, an ash tray full of cigarettes, and a picture frame of Aaron Cash and his family. Cash is a guard from Arkham Asylum who ultimately has his hand bitten off by Killer Croc. Warriors all stars pc download.

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The Joker's Dance[edit]

If you refrain from punching Joker during the final encounter despite his taunts, he’ll dance in place. You can walk around him, swivel the camera, and walk away, but he’ll just keep dancing until you clobber him.

Infinite Space Glitch[edit]

When reloading the game inside of Wonderland in the Mad Hatter scenario, it’s possible to descend outside the map and fall into a black abyss beneath the map. The glitch sometimes occurs when reloading inside the clock tower room. You’ll drop right through the clouds of Wonderland and into an alternate game-engine dimension. You’ll eventually land on an invisible pedestal far beneath. You can deploy weapons but there’s no way out, and stepping off the ledge kills you.

Downside of the kills your save! If you return, you’ll load off-map again and lose your ability to continue the game.