3d Monster Model By Jason

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This is the Living Bones model that I've been working on for the board game, Gloomhaven. I'm still fine tuning the model, but I think that it's gotten to the point where it's printable and so I want to show off my hard work! Speaking of such, as I was working on the model, I took the opportunity to blog about some of the techniques that I used to make it. The first post in that sequence is at http://objectforge.blogspot.com/2018/07/semi-parametric-design-in-blender.html if you want to read it.

  1. 3d Monster Model By Jason Lee
  2. Jason 3d Model
  3. 3d Monster Model By Jason Smith

With subjects such as the Munsters, Nosferatu, Barnabas Collins, Elvira, Jason, Vampirella, and many more. The model companies keep on making these models as fast as we can buy them. Even the old Aurora Monster Scenes kits have made a comeback.

In the photo, I have this guy attached to one of my numbered bases, available at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3034608

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8/2/18 Update: Thanks to EmoPandas for the great recommendations/example about how to make the model more easily printable. I've made those changes and uploaded the new model. As an added bonus, I found a few spots that I forgot to decimate on the last version, so this one is a much smaller file, too! Wallpaper one punch man.

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3d Monster Model By Jason Lee


Jason 3d Model


3d Monster Model By Jason Smith



There're a lot of really small details on this model, including structural things like the bones in the legs, so it might require a fine nozzle on your printer. I haven't tested it on a .4 mm nozzle, but the print preview in Slic3r looks fine for a .4 mm nozzle, so it's probably ok. I doubt that it'll work on anything larger than that, though.